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HackerEarth is a pretty cool place to work

Help us the change the way programmers write code and get hired.HackerEarth is a tech startup based in Bangalore, India. We are building the largest platform to engage with programmers around the world. Today there is no interesting place where programmers can interact and collaborate with each other, and most importantly do one thing that they absolutely love to do – write code. In the process, we are helping companies filter the right candidates.

Being passionate programmers ourselves, this is a problem very close to our hearts and hence we are striving to solve it, and we are looking for great people to join us.

Who are we & why work with us?

An amazing team working on big problems

We are a team of 5 full-time right now, graduates of IIT Roorkee, IIT Delhi, etc. who have worked at Google, Microsoft, Amazon and contributed to high-quality open source projects like Mozilla, Fedora, MINIX3, etc. Kaushik MV – ACM ICPC world-finalist joined us a week back to further organize and synchronize our efforts in reaching out to programmers. Above all, we are a couple of geeks who love to hack and build interesting products and we invite you to be a part of it.

HackerEarth was incubated at the GSF Accelerator last year in 2012 and was also one of the winners of the program. After that, we have grown and scaled pretty quickly while writing tons of code, increasing the programmers base to more than 40K and acquiring new customers all along the way.

Challenges ahead like never before

There are challenges ahead like never before, where you will be hacking on Python & Django, scaling the infrastructure, re-architecting the backend, and get to push code from the first day itself. HackerEarth is working on big problems, challenges that make you shudder at first and is waiting for you to come and solve them. And also because we have such a small team, you will be owning huge ideas and codebase from the start. Meanwhile, the talented team will always be on it’s feet to help you accomplish together whatever you had always thought of.

Your Role and Responsibilities

  • Take ownership of a product feature and build it end to end.
  • Understand issues like response time, scalability, asynchronous systems, user engagement and write code considering these paradigms.
  • Interact with programmer communities, college coding groups, open source communities and understand how to engage with them.
  • Contribute to the ways the platform can be made much more engaging and can reach out to a larger audience.

Required Skills

  • 1 year+ experience in Python.
  • Hands on experience in Django.
  • Understanding of how MVC frameworks work.
  • Knowledge of development on a Linux system.
We put the willingness to learn & build above anything else and if you think you have got it in you, don’t let these skill requirements deter you from applying.

Desired Skills

  • Interest in contributing to open source projects
  • Knowledge of system programming in UNIX environment
  • Knowledge of HTML, CSS and Javascript
  • Interest in writing content – for example, tutorial for interesting programming problem, blog post on some cool feature that you build, solutions for algorithmic questions, etc.
  • Prepared to go through roller-coaster highs and lows of a startup journey.

Job Perks

  • Industry comparable salary and equity.
  • Machine and accessories of your choice.
  • Really flexible hours.
  • If you are sick, just stay home.
  • Movie/Gaming night outs.
  • Travelling in and around India.
  • Attend developer events and conferences completely free.

We are writing tons of code, building some intense technology, and it’s a great opportunity to learn. We are backed by some awesome people in startup community. Moreover, you get a chance to be the initial team member of a company which is building a global product out of India.

Apply for this position

If you are interested drop us an email at Please add a short intro of yourself (not more than 5-6 lines), with attached resume and include relevant links that show what you have built in the past. We value any effort gone into building something.

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