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The developer profile is open for everyone. And you’re going to love it.
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A few months ago, we launched a private Beta of the developer profile. This was not just any product for us – it was an ideology. An ideology that a developer needed an inclusive identity; That a developer wouldn’t have to prove himself/herself for a basic set of skills at least. With this thought, we put out an initial draft of what we thought a profile that encapsulates the identity of a developer. It looked like this –

dev old

As with any initial, private beta, the developer profile went through its fair share of iterations too. We worked very closely with our initial users to understand what they liked, what they didn’t like and how we could help build a product that serves them best.

We at HackerEarth speak with our users on a regular basis and many of those conversations were eye opening for us. For example, while the first developer profile was great measure of the programming languages that you would use. But it wasn’t a good measure of how good you were at it. Also, it lacked a skills section, where you could add the platforms that you were familiar with, the IDEs that you use and all the works.

The end result of all this is this –


The new developer profile completes the three pillars which define the HackerEarth experience. On the one hand, we have the platform which encompasses HackerEarth Learn and CodeTable, dedicated to those who want to learn and improve their programming skills. One the other hand, we have the recruiter tools – HackerEarth recruit and HackerEarth source.

Both these elements come together in the form of the developer profile. Your developer profile will aggregate and measure all your coding activity on the web. Your profile will also be your point of reference for jobs via HackerEarth. Furthermore, we’re working on a lot of communities in the tech ecosystem who will use the developer profile in a seamless way in events and engagement. Stay tuned for more updates.

Now, this is by no means a complete product; there’s a lot of work that will continue into the developer profile in making it more robust and inclusive. There will  But as it stands now, it’s got all the basic elements that we envisioned that the profile should have. The developer profile is open for everyone to use. Check it out and let us know what you think!

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Raghu is an engineering grad handles Marketing at HackerEarth. Prior to this, he was an editor at When he’s not working, you can find him at the nearest music shop having a jam session.

Here's what you can do next

Check out FaceCode:
an intelligent coding interview tool