5 best Indian mobile app companies to work for

Best mobile app companies

Mobile apps have well and truly arrived and the demand for mobile application developers is now higher than what it has ever been. India being the software development engine of the dot com era has smoothly transitioned into the mobile world as well and we’re seeing some good mobile app development companies emerge in the recent past.

But back in the dot com days, India never saw too many software product companies. More emphasis was laid on the software services front. This was because distribution was complicated and most entrepreneurs stuck to getting paid for building software and not worrying about distribution and marketing of a software product.

That has changed now. The concept of the app store has made it a level playing field. Simply uploading an app on an app store now makes an app available to anyone in the world with an internet enabled smartphone. Furthermore, internet marketing has greatly evolved and monetisation is also reaching some sort of maturity.

All this has given rise to mobile product companies from India. If you’re a mobile developer in India, here are 5 companies that you must try your chances with (in no particular order)


When I first spoke to Pankaj Chaddha, one of the founders of Zomato, he told me that in the developer community, they’re still considered a mobile app company from Mumbai. True, they have a very popular website that sees a lot of traffic, but over 70% of their usage in on their mobile client.

With close to 5 million downloads, Zomato is used in many countries and as a mobile developer, gives rise to a lot of exciting work. Furthermore, the mobile app itself is undergoing constant change on the front end, which will give developers a unique experience of getting to understand behaviour mobile users from around the world.

All this awesomeness and it’s made with love in India.


When you have any internet property that records a billion page views a month, anyone would sit up and take notice. Verse Innovation’s mobile app Newshunt is exactly that. This app serves news from hundreds of english and local language newspapers on a simple, readable mobile app.

The mobile app is available across platforms and records massive usage and is growing at breakneck speeds. Across all platforms, the app has close to 67 million downloads and the company is looking to add another 100 million users in the coming year. All the right signs for a mobile developer to board this rocket ship.

Probably the most ‘indian’ app out there, in a vernacular sense.


In a recent press interaction, Flipkart revealed that over 50% of their sales revenues are coming from their mobile app. That’s close to 500 million dollars USD from their mobile app, so you can be rest assured that a lot of work is going into it. Flipkart will give you vantage point as a developer in the incredibly rapidly evolving m-commerce market.

Furthermore, this is again an app that is used by millions of users in India, which comes with it’s set of learning benefits from a developer’s point of view. Furthermore, it’s a large engineering team and there will be a lot of handshakes between web and mobile technologies that a mobile developer will be exposed to.

If you can make it to Flipkart as a mobile engineer, you’re in for some serious learning.


This is a controversial choice, as it’s not in the same league as the aforementioned apps, in terms of downloads and usage. However, this is one of the few independent enterprise facing apps in India, let alone the world. This app allows you to sign documents digitally. It is a very basic problem in the corporate world and is beginning to see some good traction.

The app is available across all platforms and it was even featured on the Apple app store. There are some niche technologies that a developer will be exposed to while working with this company and also will give a developer an understand of the enterprise user. With a maturing consumer mobile app space, the next space to go to is the enterprise space.

Choose SignEasy for some exciting tech work and insight into a new consumer segment.


Bharti SoftBank is home to one of India’s most widely used mobile apps – Hike Messenger. The app, on Android alone has over 20 million downloads and is available across iOS, Windows Phone, and even Symbian. There’s a lot of ad money that’s going into marketing the app, so you can only expect the user count to go up.

The mobile messenger market itself is very hot. Apart from Hike, there’s Line and WeChat that are also growing rapidly in the same region. This sort of competition will usher new innovation and the people at the helm of this development will be the mobile app developer. Need more reason to join?

Choose Hike simple because of the amazing traction the instant messaging market is seeing.

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