An insight into Artificial Intelligence with Anand Chandrasekaran

It might be confusing for some, but AI refers to all things that exhibit some sort of intelligence. From your phone's calculators to supercomputers to self-driving cars, artificial intelligence is everywhere even if you don't realize it.

And, the applications of AI and its uses are only going to increase in the time to come. This makes up for exciting times for all those interested in building intelligent machines.

We have recently launched an online guide to getting started with artificial intelligence for beginners. However, to cover some of the advanced topics, we invited Anand Chandrasekaran, CTO, MadStreetDen, for a podcast to discuss and answer popular questions on AI and its applications.

Anand is a neuroscientist who went on to study artificial intelligence. The two fields aren’t completely unrelated but it is quite unlikely for people into either field to make a transition. Anand, however, was intrigued by the similarities between brain and the capabilities of the computer that enabled it to emulate the functions of the brain.

The excerpts of the podcast can be accessed below:

Anand’s views on AI as a field of study and how he embarked on the journey of AI

Relationship between neuroscience and AI

Advantages and disadvantages of changing disciplines.

Work done at MadStreetDen in context of AI

How computer vision evolved over the years and scope of its improvement?

Self-learning capabilities of computers and progress in the field

Real time scenario handling in terms of AI

Problems with Siri and google that deteriorate their popularity

Anand’s advice to AI aspirants on getting started and succeeding

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