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The most accurate assessment platform that helps
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Intelligent assessments with
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Al-powered test creator that automatically
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Effortlessly set up tests, save your dev
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Job-specific assessments with
broad coverage of skills

Evaluate code on logical correctness,
cyclomatic complexity, time & memory
efficiency, and quality

Assess over 500 skills and choose from
an exclusive library with 12000+ questions
across 35+ programming languages

Assessments with robust online

Plagiarism and proctoring controls to prevent
candidates from using unfair means

Computer vision-based remote proctoring
solution to detect anomalies and impersonation

Remote interviews that are
developer first

Conduct remote pair programming
interviews with in-browser, real-time code
editor, supporting 35+ programming

Document candidate performance during
remote interviews across multiple interviewers

In-depth analytics for the right
hiring decisions

Eliminate false positives and avoid false
negatives in your screening process

Get detailed reports of candidates' performance
and problem-solving abilities

Our pricing plans are


Start small or start
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needs evolve


No prohibitions for adding
multiple users and admins
across all plans


No hidden extras

We make technical recruiting a team sport


Seamless collaboration between recruiters and
dev managers at all stages of screening


Easily share reports and exchange detailed
feedback on a candidate's performance


Involve multiple stakeholders in the
hiring process

Our assessments are
actually liked by developers


IDE modes that developers are
comfortable with


Developer-friendly tools like
autocomplete and linting


In-line error highlighting that lets
developers focus on logic and not syntax

Our customer obsession goes
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On-demand customized
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Extensive customer
support & product training

Dedicated customer
success manager

We are enterprise-ready

Doing what it takes to secure
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Streamlining your tech
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ATS providers

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