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Evaluate a candidate’s proficiency in 40+ programming languages and across 500+ skills

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Set cut-off scores and quickly identify the top performers on the leaderboard

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Easily schedule seamless remote coding interviews with pair programming and hire the best

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Providing best-in-class support at every step of your recruitment process

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  • Codility
  • Mettl
FeaturesHE LogoHackerRankCodilityMettl
AI-powered proctoringSupportsNo SupportNo SupportNo Support
Automated test creation by job descriptionSupportsNo SupportNo SupportNo Support
Masking personally identifiable information in video interviewsSupportsNo SupportNo SupportNo Support
Automated test creation by skillSupportsNo SupportSupportNo Support
Support for international languagesSupportsNo SupportSupportSupport
No. of questions in the library10000+2500+500+1000+
Developer skills supported500+NANANA

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