Case Study

How HackerEarth helped Tallan make the technical screening process over 50% faster

About Tallan

Tallan is an end-to-end technology solution provider based out of Glastonbury, Connecticut. The company has offices and delivery centers spread across the USA. From AI, Machine Learning, and Data Analytics to Cloud Technologies and User Experience, Tallan develops a variety of robust business solutions for their clients. Tallan is one of a select few Microsoft National Solution Providers in the US with multiple Gold Competencies in Microsoft technologies and their strategic innovation process allows them to align with their clients every step of the way.


Technical Screening Process Was Expensive

Lead consultants and architects spent 2-3 hours conducting each round of technical screening. This took a lot of time away from their production tasks, which slowed down their delivery times. 

Also, when these employees spent time on conducting screening rounds, their time was not billable, which resulted in a loss of revenue for the company. All these factors combined to make technical screening an expensive affair.

Technical Screening Process Was Slow

Also, since engineering bandwidth was expensive and limited, Tallan could screen only a handful of candidates from their candidate pool. Given that the company was trying to fill over 40 open engineering positions a month, they needed to reduce their screening costs and increase their screening capacity.

Manually Setting up Meetings Was Time-consuming

For each screening round, recruiters had to manually find out a suitable time for an engineer, and then ensure that the candidate was available during the same slot, so that the screening round could take place. Often, these appointments were canceled because someone was unavailable, which meant that the recruiter had to again find a time slot that worked for both parties. Setting dozens of these rounds consumed a lot of recruiting bandwidth and the menial nature of the work left recruiters frustrated.

Tallan's Ideal Solution

Here’s what the Tallan recruiting team expected from their ideal solution.

  • A product that was highly customizable and flexible
  • The ability to ask any kind of question in an assessment
  • Advanced proctoring settings
  • Plenty of Automation

Enter: HackerEarth

Massive cost savings

Thanks to HackerEarth Assessments, Tallan automated their entire technical screening round.

Building an Assessment took less than five minutes. Recruiters had to simply choose the required skills and experience, and HackerEarth would automatically build them a wholesome assessment for that role. The assessment was then sent to the entire candidate pool with just a few clicks. HackerEarth would automatically process all responses and find the most skilled candidates instantly. Tallan had completely removed its engineering dependencies on the technical screening process, which helped them register large cost savings.

Unlimited Technical Screening Bandwidth 

Also, with HackerEarth, they now could screen hundreds of candidates at a go, without having to worry about costs or bandwidth, allowing them to give more candidates an opportunity to show off their skills.This allowed them to find hidden gems in their candidate pool that would have otherwise been overlooked.

Radically faster technical screening process

Since HackerEarth allowed them to automate the screening process, there was no longer an engineering dependency. Owing to this, recruiters could allow candidates to take the assessment at any time within a fixed time frame (like a specific weekend).

Manual Recruiter Tasks Now Automated

With HackerEarth, Recruiters did not have to waste any more time on setting up calendar invites between engineers and candidates for dozens of screening rounds. They had to simply upload a list of candidate emails, and HackerEarth would automatically invite each of them to take the assessment. This saved recruiters plenty of time and allowed them more bandwidth to perform more important recruiting functions. HackerEarth’s product also followed up with candidates and sent them reminders to take the assessments (if they had not done so within a specific time period).

If you’re looking for a developer assessments platform that is both powerful and easy to use, then HackerEarth is a safe bet. They’ve got a large library of questions that makes it easy to build assessments for new job openings. HackerEarth helped automate many manual tasks for our recruiters and hiring managers, which resulted in saving cost, bandwidth and time. Our technical screening process is now faster by over 50%. Their team also offers very quick support and great customer service, which means that our tickets are usually resolved on the same day. Working with HackerEarth has been a good experience. If we did not have HackerEarth for our developer assessments, the process would be an absolute nightmare.

Byron Branning,
Senior Director of Operations



Thanks to HackerEarth, Tallan was able to speed up its technical screening process and register large savings in cost. They were now able to include more candidates in their screening rounds and identify skilled developers faster. Recruiters across the organisation found HackerEarth easy to use, allowing for quick org-wide adoption of the product. Seasoned recruiters began to appreciate the flexibility offered by the platform when it came to building assessments or tweaking granular settings to suit unique needs. The recruiting team at Tallan was able to harness the power of automation and powerful recruiting tech to build a truly modern technical screening process.

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