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We were quite blown away by the quality of submissions we received from the HackerEarth community. Sprint allowed us to reach out to a wide range of programmers.
We are extremely happy with the quality of ideas on digital innovation in healthcare. HackerEarth has been our partner in driving innovation in the open developer community.
HackerEarth Sprint has been the right choice both in terms of the platform and the open developer network to help us reach out to the Data Science community.
Crowd-source solutions from the fastest growing developer community
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Sprint helps you to...
Amplify your business growth by leveraging your entire employee base
Sprint allows you to leverage the creative power of your employees. It gives you a platform to let your employees connect, innovate and collaborate. Sprint is designed to let you run any kind of innovation campaign.
Sprint helps you to...
Identify the best minds across your organization, let them focus on what matters most
Anybody can have an idea that can transform your business. Sprint lets you run innovation campaigns that can help you discover the most innovative minds across your organization and help them focus on those game changing ideas.
Sprint helps you to...
Accelerate the pace at which you solve critical business problems
Time to market can often be the biggest differentiation. Don’t let the process and hierarchy slow down the pace at which you innovate. Sprint lets you accelerate the pace at which you solve critical business problems. Take idea to prototype in a matter of days.
Sprint helps you to...
Crowd-source solutions from a large community of innovators
Put out your most challenging business problems to an open community of innovators and crowd-source not only interesting ideas but actually solutions for those problems.
Sprint helps you to...
Fast track business innovation by leveraging open community
Identify trends, source interesting ideas and fast track business innovation by engaging an open community of innovators. Share your business context with the world and crowd-source innovative ideas that can help you transform your business.
Sprint helps you to...
Open up your platforms and let the world innovate
Open up your APIs, SDKs or any technology platform to a large community of developers. Sprint lets you take your platforms to thousands of developers across the globe and drive innovation.
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  • The AADHAAR hackathon we conducted on HackerEarth delivered unprecedented engagement from a broad cross section of the developer community. HackerEarth provided a seamless platform to not only manage this massive hackathon, but also generate pre-hackathon engagement.
  • HackerEarth is an excellent platform to connect with quality talent. Over 4500 developers participated in GoIbibo GoCode Hackathon and the apps built were top-quality, and enabled us to have fruitful, interesting discussions with top-class developers.
  • HackerEarth Sprint is a fantastic tool for hackathon organizers. It seriously streamlines many event logistics and is much more functional than similar solutions. HackerEarth Sprint seriously helped reduce the amount of complexity in running our event. It took all of the functionality we needed, and bundled it into an easy to use solution.
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