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Used for hiring

Perl Developers
PHP Perl Developers

Skills required

Experience in Perl programming

Proficiency in Linux or Unix operating system

Familiarity with Shell scripting

Familiarity with PHP, Python and Ruby on Rails

Perl Developer Assessment


You can test a candidate on the following areas to assess their proficiency in Perl:

  • UNIX Shell command in Perl
  • Arithmetic expressions in Perl
  • Nested arrays

How this test helps with hiring Perl candidates

Steps to assess Perl Developers
Create a test
Create a test
Add questions to assess Perl skills
Add questions to assess Perl skills
Send invites to candidates
Send invites to candidates
Evaluate the report
Evaluate the report
Assess Perl developers for free   
Common types of assessments used by our top customers

Programming question to assess development skills in Perl

10 MCQs on
arithmetic expressions and numeric literals in Perl

Sample questions

What is the output of the following Perl code:

"$p1 = """"; $p1 =~ s/(.*).java/$1.cpp/; print ""$p1n""; "

  • prog1
  • "prog1.cpp "Correct Answer
  • Runtime error

What is the output of the following Perl code:

" $pvt = Calculation(5,5); print(""Result = $pvtn""); sub Calculation{ my ($fstVar, $secndVar) = @_; my $square = sub{ return($_[0] ** 2); }; return(&$square($fstVar) + &$square($secndVar)); }; "

  • Result = 5
  • Result = 50Correct Answer
  • Result = 55
  • Result = 10

What is the output of the following Perl code:

" @array = (1,2,3); $array[50] = 4; $size = @array; $max_index = $#array; print ""Size: $size,""; print ""Max Index: $max_indexn""; "

  • Size: 3, Max Index: 3
  • Size: 4, Max Index: 4
  • Size: 3, Max Index: 4
  • Size: 51, Max Index: 50Correct Answer

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