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Hackathon management software for the ideas you need and the growth your business deserves

Turn to your employees to turn your business around

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Ideas to the power of 2 million

Leverage HackerEarth's community of 2M+ developers

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How hackathons help your business grow

Crowdsource ideas and solutions

Harness the creative power and skills of your employees, partners, customers, and the developer community to solve your business problems.

How hackathons help your business grow

Learn how organizations around the globe are using hackathons to drive innovation.

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Conduct hackathons in 5 simple steps with HackerEarth

Create a hackathon

Create a hackathon

Invite participants

Invite participants

Manage submissions

Manage submissions

Collaborate with judges

Collaborate with judges

Choose winners

Choose winners

Powerful features for an inspiring hackathon

Create and manage hackathons

Create hackathons in 5 easy steps. Gain complete control over hackathon parameters and customize them according to your wishes.

Evaluate and shortlist submissions

Compare and evaluate all submissions. Select the ones that proceed to further rounds with ease.

Collaborate easily

Enjoy seamless communication and coordination with other organizers, judges, and participants.

Access detailed analytics

Gain in-depth data on the progress of the hackathon and analyze multiple aspects of the campaign with detailed reports.

Learn how hackathons can impact your top-line revenue growth.

Building a culture of sustainable innovation


How to define an innovation strategy

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How other companies are using hackathons

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80% of Fortune 100 companies use hackathons to foster innovation.

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