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Why do you need C++?

C++ is a great programming language to learn if your tech goals include speed and productivity. Being the primary language on Unix systems, it provides leeway for developers to write code that they can control, thanks to features such as the pointer. Here are some reasons why you would want to invest in this programming language:

  • C++ is versatile. It can interface with nearly any other programming language and almost any system can run and compile code in C++
  • It offers great performance and speed
  • C++ is a combination of both high- and low-level features, with the MongoDB database actually written in this programming language

Developers love using this language as it gives complete control over their code. C++ has almost every feature that a developer could wish for—multiple inheritance, templates, operator overloading, preprocessor commands, and more.

What skills are companies looking for in a C++ developer?

C++ is one of the toughest programming languages to code in. So, when you hiring for C++ developers, make sure they are adept at the following:

  • Should be experienced at writing code in C++
  • Should have knowledge of operating systems like Unix and Linux
  • Understanding of Databases, SQL, and NoSQL databases like MongoDB
  • Knowledge of JavaScript and XML
  • Should be familiar with agile software development methodology

Skills required for a junior C++ developer

Experience level = 0 to 3 years

A junior programming position in C++ calls for the following skills –

  1. Good knowledge of writing code using C/C++ and Unix
  2. Basic understanding of RDBMS databases such as SQL server and Oracle
  3. Knowledge of modern software design and development methodologies
  4. Knowledge of modern software configuration management (SCM)
  5. Basic understanding of database administration

Skills required for a senior C++ developer

Experience level = 4 to 6 years

A senior C++ developer position calls for the following skills:

  1. Highly experienced in writing code using C/C++ and Unix
  2. Should be capable of working with web development tools for new applications
  3. Strong understanding of RDBMS databases
  4. Should be experienced at using integrated development environments such as Eclipse and Visual studio 
  5. Advanced knowledge of testing tools, methodologies and modern SCM
  6. Should be capable of defining quality and security standards and should have a strong knowledge of Database administration

C++ developer salaries in United States

Average base pay

According to Glassdoor, the national average salary of a C++ developer is $95,052 in the United States.

Top companies hiring C++ developers

According to Indeed, these are the most popular companies for C++ developers:

IBM Verizon Morgan Stanley DXC GTS Booz Allen Hamilton Autodesk UCLA Siemens Motorola solutions Oath Inc Apple

Sourcing C++ developer talent

Tech communities are full of potential hires waiting to be discovered. Here are 2 such communities from where you can source talent for free.

Hiring C++ developers from GitHub

GitHub is one of the world’s largest code hosts, with close to 31 million developers. A developer’s GitHub profile gives you a wealth of information.

Before you start shortlisting profiles on GitHub, make sure that the C++ developer is open to recruiters approaching him with jobs. Once this is sorted, follow these steps to find the best talent on GitHub:

  • The first step is to create a profile on GitHub
  • Once the profile is created, run a search using 3 parameters – language, location, and followers. 
  • By default, GitHub shows results for the list of repositories. You can change this to users by choosing it from the left hand side menu. You now have a list of developers you can reach out to.

Here are a few things to remember before you connect with potential C++ developers.

  • Check their repositories to familiarize yourself with their work. This would be mutually beneficial as you can filter out candidates who you think will not fit into the job role on offer
  • Cross-reference their profiles on either Linkedin or Twitter to be doubly sure if they would be the perfect fit or not
  • Don’t judge profiles on how active or complete they are. Sometimes developers do not share code publicly for security reasons. Also, not having a great social following is not an indication of how good their tech skills are.

For more info, download our in-depth e-book on hiring GitHub developers.

Hiring developers from StackOverflow

StackOverflow is a Q&A site for professional and enthusiast programmers. Just like GitHub, StackOverflow is also a great platform to hire amazing C++ talent.

The process of shortlisting C++ developer profiles is similar to GitHub. However, here are a few things to remember before connecting with your first C++ developer via StackOverflow:

StackOverflow is more of a Q&A site where developers post and answer technical questions. You would need to look at candidates addressing such specific questions to see if they fit your requirements

Developers are segregated based on their user badges and reputation scores. An ideal candidate ranks high for both

Every question which is posted has tags associated with  it. You can use these tags to find users who fit the bill

Some other places to find great developer talent include HackerEarth, Reddit, Kaggle, etc.

JD for a C++ developer role

Here is a sample C++ developer job description for hiring challenges at HackerEarth.

C++ developer Job Description


The ideal candidate will have:

  • Good knowledge of computer systems (operating systems, networks, and computer architecture)
  • Strong C++ programming skills. More advanced (templates, STL, C++14/17) the better
  • A decent knowledge of data structures & algorithms
  • Basic knowledge of network stack (CPU, NIC, PCIe, and related drivers) is a plus
  • Brilliant problem-solving abilities
  • The ability to manage multiple tasks in a fast-paced environment
  • Strong English speaking skills
  • Working knowledge of Linux
  • Knowledge of any other development language, including Java, Python, or Perl and shell scripts (a plus)

Recruiter email templates

Outreach email

Subject – Join our amazing team of developers at <Company name>

Dear <First_Name>

I am <Name> and I work as a recruiter for <Company name>. I came across your profile on <Social media or Job board> and I was very impressed with your skills, especially <describe a project or a particular programming skill set>.

We are currently looking for a C++ developer to join our amazing team and I think you would be a great fit. Here are some of the cool projects that we are working on currently—<provide a link to projects at your organization>

If this is something that interests you, please write to me and I will be happy to explain more over a call.

Have a great day, and I hope to hear back from you soon!


<Your name>

Follow-up email

Subject – Following up!

Hi <First_Name>,

Hope you are doing great! 

Have you had a chance to read my previous mail?

We are looking for some super talented C++ developers to join our team at <Company name> and I thought you would be a great fit.   

Our team of developers has been working on some cool projects <link some of your work> and I thought you would find them interesting.

And if you are wondering what it is like to work for <Company name>, here is a short video of what our employees think—<Include an employer branding video>

If you are interested in this opportunity, drop me an email so we can take this forward. Have a great day!



Assessing C++ developers using a developer assessment software

Junior C++ developer assessment

HackerEarth Assessment creates tests for junior C++ developers. These tests are the right mix of MCQs that evaluate the candidates’ knowledge of the fundamentals of C++. In addition, it has basic programming questions.

A sample programming question with difficulty level hard that can be included  in the test:

A few MCQs that you can test candidates on

Senior C++ developer assessment

HackerEarth’s coding assessment software creates tests for a senior C++ developer:

A sample programming question with diculty level hard that can be included in the test:

A few MCQs that you can test candidates on

C++ interview questions

According to geeksforgeeks, these are the most frequently asked interview questions for C++ professionals –

Numbers at a glance

Hackerearth assessment candidate screened

3 million


1,000+ customers


18,000+ tests


"70% of the candidates that passed the assessments were hired"
Phuong Huynh
Technical recruiter, Zalora