On Roll Job Meaning

On Roll Job Definition

An on-roll job refers to a position where the employee is hired directly by the company and is on the company’s payroll. These employees receive regular salaries, benefits, and are subject to the company’s employment policies and regulations.

Best Practices for Managing On-Roll Employees

  • Clear Contracts: Provide clear employment contracts outlining roles, responsibilities, and benefits.
  • Employee Engagement: Implement strategies to engage and retain on-roll employees.
  • Performance Management: Regularly review and manage employee performance to ensure alignment with company goals.

How On-Roll Jobs Work

  1. Recruitment: Employees are recruited and hired directly by the company.
  2. Payroll: Employees are added to the company’s payroll system.
  3. Benefits: Employees receive salaries and benefits as per company policy.

Key Features of On-Roll Jobs

  • Direct Employment: Employees are directly employed by the company.
  • Regular Benefits: Access to company benefits such as health insurance, paid leave, and retirement plans.
  • Job Security: Typically offers more job security compared to contractual positions.


Benefits include job security, regular salary, health insurance, paid leave, and other company-specific benefits.

On-roll jobs involve direct employment with regular benefits, while contractual jobs are temporary and typically do not include the same level of benefits.

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