Job Shadowing

What is Job Shadowing?

Job Shadowing is a career development activity where an individual observes and follows a professional in their work environment to gain insights into their daily tasks and responsibilities. It provides an opportunity to learn about a specific job role and industry.

Key Features of Job Shadowing

  • Observation: Allows individuals to observe professionals in their work environment.
  • Short-Term: Typically lasts from a few hours to a few days.
  • Learning Opportunity: Provides insights into job roles, tasks, and workplace culture.
  • Mentorship: Often involves guidance from the professional being shadowed.

How Does Job Shadowing Work?

Job Shadowing works by pairing an individual with a professional in their field of interest. The shadowing participant observes the professional’s daily activities, attends meetings, and learns about the job’s responsibilities and challenges. This experience helps individuals make informed career decisions and gain a better understanding of the industry.

Best Practices for Job Shadowing

  • Set Clear Goals: Define the objectives and expectations for the job shadowing experience.
  • Prepare Participants: Brief both the professional and the shadowing participant on the schedule and activities.
  • Encourage Interaction: Allow opportunities for questions and discussions to enhance learning.
  • Provide Feedback: Offer feedback to the participant to help them reflect on their experience.


Students, career changers, and anyone interested in learning more about a specific job or industry can benefit from job shadowing.

Job shadowing is typically unpaid, as it is primarily an observational and learning experience.

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