Ghosting Meaning

What is Ghosting?

Ghosting refers to the act of suddenly and without explanation ceasing all communication with someone, typically in a professional or personal context. In the workplace, ghosting can occur during recruitment, employment, or business negotiations.

Key Features of Ghosting

  • Sudden Cessation: Abruptly ending communication without warning.
  • No Explanation: Providing no reason for the cessation of contact.
  • Impact on Relationships: Can damage professional and personal relationships.
  • Common in Recruitment: Frequently occurs when candidates or employers stop responding during the hiring process.

How Does Ghosting Work?

Ghosting works by one party simply stopping all forms of communication, leaving the other party without closure or understanding of the situation. In professional settings, this can occur when a job candidate stops responding to an employer’s messages, or an employer fails to follow up with a candidate after an interview.

Best Practices to Avoid Ghosting

  • Communicate Clearly: Maintain open and honest communication throughout interactions.
  • Follow Up: Ensure timely follow-up and closure in professional engagements.
  • Provide Feedback: Offer constructive feedback, even if the outcome is negative.
  • Respect Others: Treat all parties with respect and professionalism.


Reasons can include discomfort with delivering bad news, lack of professionalism, or simply forgetting to follow up.

If you've been ghosted, consider sending a polite follow-up message to seek clarification. If no response is received, it's best to move on and focus on other opportunities.

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