Cover Letter Meaning

Cover Letter Definition:

A cover letter is a document sent with a job application that provides additional information about the applicant’s skills, experience, and reasons for applying. It complements the resume by highlighting key qualifications and demonstrating the applicant’s interest in the position.

Best Practices for Writing a Cover Letter

  • Customization: Tailor the cover letter to the specific job and company.
  • Professional Tone: Use a professional and respectful tone throughout the letter.
  • Conciseness: Keep the cover letter concise, focusing on the most relevant information.

How a Cover Letter Works

  1. Introduction: Begin with a strong introduction that states the position applied for and how the applicant learned about it.
  2. Body: Highlight relevant skills, experiences, and achievements.
  3. Conclusion: Conclude with a call to action, such as expressing a desire for an interview.

Key Features of a Cover Letter

  • Personalization: Addresses the hiring manager by name and tailors the content to the job.
  • Relevance: Focuses on skills and experiences directly related to the job.
  • Professionalism: Maintains a professional tone and format.


Not all job applications require a cover letter, but including one can enhance your application by providing additional context and demonstrating your enthusiasm for the role.

A cover letter should typically be one page or less, focusing on the most relevant information.

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