CIN Number Full Form

CIN Number Definition:

CIN stands for Corporate Identification Number. It is a unique identification number assigned by the Registrar of Companies (ROC) to Indian companies. The CIN number is used to track all aspects of a company from its incorporation to its dissolution.

Best Practices for Using CIN Number

  • Documentation: Ensure the CIN number is included in all official documents and correspondence.
  • Verification: Regularly verify the CIN number to ensure its accuracy and validity.
  • Compliance: Use the CIN number for compliance with legal and regulatory requirements.

How CIN Number Works

  1. Assignment: The ROC assigns a CIN number to a company upon its incorporation.
  2. Usage: The CIN number is used in all official documents, filings, and communications.
  3. Tracking: It helps in tracking the company’s legal and financial status.

Key Features of CIN Number

  • Unique Identifier: Provides a unique identification for each company.
  • Compliance: Used for compliance and regulatory purposes.
  • Tracking: Helps in tracking the company’s history and status.


A company's CIN number can be found on the ROC website, in official documents, and on company letterheads.

No, the CIN number is different from the GST number. The CIN is assigned by the ROC, while the GST number is assigned for tax purposes.

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