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Case Study

How FourKites reduced its time-to-hire ratio by 50%

About FourKites

FourKites is a predictive supply chain platform based out of Chicago. It takes pride in offering a real-time visibility platform for the broadest network of Global 1000 companies and third-party logistics firms. The predictive supply chain platform is optimized for mobile and equipped with market-leading, end-to-end security.

The company enables customers to improve on-time performance, reduce operating costs, and strengthen end-customer relationships by calculating shipment arrival times using a proprietary algorithm.

FourKites has launched products such as temperature tracking and ETA tracking systems and has built products that offer SaaS-based, real-time monitoring of shipments across road, rail, air, and water.




Computer software



Challenge: The “not-so-good” old days

Not only was FourKites experiencing rapid growth in terms of size, but it was also spreading across the globe. In 2018, just four years after its establishment, it built an office in India. It serves clients across multiple continents, staffed by a group of talented employees.

The combination of globe-spanning offices meant the company needed to hire a greater number of developers. However, the stringent requirements for new hires meant that recruiting new employees was going to be difficult. Initially, FourKites conducted eight rounds of interview (6 rounds of technical, one round of managerial, and one round of HR interviews) to get developers onboard. This process was time-consuming and cumbersome.

As the company grew, it quickly understood that the traditional approach to recruitment wasn’t going to meet its needs efficiently.

Also, apart from the recruitment team, even engineering managers were involved in reviewing code submitted by prospective candidates. This process required the involvement of different resources. Such lengthy recruitment processes not only inflated costs incurred but also burnt valuable company time.

The company tried its hand on a local partner solution. However, the assessment software had a complicated user interface and required a lot of manual intervention. Additionally, to test the difficulty level of questions for job roles such as full stack developers, front end engineers, data engineers, data scientists, ML engineers was challenging.

FourKites knew that it needed a unique, out-of-the-box approach to streamline its hiring process. This is where HackerEarth came in.

Solution: Enter HackerEarth

With HackerEarth, FourKites saw the following changes:

  • Cut down on the number of interviews by 50%: When FourKites introduced HackerEarth to its hiring team, the interview process of the company was streamlined. The recruitment team at FourKites used the developer assessment software as the first round of interviews to filter potential candidates. The number of rounds of interview reduced from eight to four (two technical, one management, and one HR).
  • Improved quality of shortlisted candidates: The recruitment team at FourKites was able to set the difficulty level of questions in tests as per its requirements for each job role. This ensured an improvement in the quality of candidates attending the face-to-face interview. The result was phenomenal, to say the least.
  • Assess candidates in a matter of minutes: With HackerEarth , FourKites was able to get each candidate’s detailed performance report such as the information about the time taken to complete a test, performance in individual questions, code written, test cases passed and failed, and much more. This way, the recruitment team could assess a candidate’s performance in under 10 minutes. This helped the company to accommodate more interviews and drastically reduce the time devoted in assessing unfit candidates.

Out of 95% of the candidates who attempted the first question, only 5% managed to successfully attempt the second question. The quality of questions in the HackerEarth library is excellent. This helped us in filtering good-quality, potential candidates.

Kalyan Durairaj,
Head of Talent Acquisition at FourKites, India


FourKites successfully conducted lateral and university hiring drives to hire developers. It assessed 10,000 candidates from June 2018 till date.

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