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As of 2018, only 12 percent of employees can be considered enterprise leaders. Also, while each position has many applicants, 65 % of them do not meet basic requirements.

This means more fruitless hours and effort the recruiting team dedicates to finding skilled candidates. In addition, on average, one in four new hires (25%) leaves within a year. So, your talent assessment strategy, unfortunately, was not successful.

It’s time to rethink and take action, isn’t it?

In this on-demand webinar, you’ll hear from Nikolas Tore, HR PVH group (Tommy Hilfiger and Calvin Klein) who tell you how to ensure effective talent assessment while minimizing possible risks.

He will also talk about:

  • Techniques/processes that prevent you from hiring top talent
  • The negative impact of these techniques/processes on company performance
  • Taking the lead by using the most relevant Talent Assessment Software (TAS)
  • Practices to attract and retain top talent 
  • Practical steps to build your own talent strategy
  • Building your leadership team of tomorrow to ensure success

  • About the speaker

    Nikolas Tore is an an internet savvy HR professional who is keen to develop and apply the best HR practices. He hopes these practices will help align the objectives of an organization while maximizing employee potential. He believes interpersonal relationships across all levels of the organization encompassing elements of trust, engagement, and well-being programs are integral to a successful strategy. You can read many of Nikolas’s posts on recruitment and talent assessment here.

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    Nikolas Tore

    HR Professional