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Is it possible to build your company’s brand, plan for the future workforce and attract innovative and diverse talent with Campus Recruiting? The answer, undeniably, is YES. 

This webinar with Emily Durham will help you learn more about how to develop excellent campus recruitment strategies to attract, hire and retain top talent while boosting your brand awareness and driving innovation.

Get ready for practical insights on major topics like:

  • The Audience: Where is the top student talent hiding and what are they looking for?
  • The Experience: Why is attracting and engaging with top student talent unique? What are some easy and effective ways to do this?
  • The Execution: What is the best way to interview and evaluate top student talent?

Join this session for expert insight on navigating the early talent space.

  • About the speaker

    Emily is a Toronto based Senior Recruiter with a deep passion for connecting early talent to their dream jobs. Four years ago, Emily started her career in Campus Recruiting at the Bank of Montreal and fell in love with attracting and hiring top student talent. Today, Emily is a Senior Campus Recruiter at Intuit, leading the end to end recruitment process for co-op and full time roles in North America. Emily has experience in recruiting student talent in areas like Technology, Design, Taxation and Capital Markets. Emily stays very close to the student community to understand their needs on a deeper level through LinkedIn and her podcast, The Straight Shooter Recruiter (

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    Emily Durham

    Senior Campus Recruiter, Intuit