How skill assessment platforms are an accurate measure of technical talent

Technical skills are the world’s most valued currency. Organizations are betting on these skills to drive growth and success. However, it is hard to identify and hire talented developers. Why?

Because measuring technical skills is hard. There are several bottlenecks in your hiring process which make it hard to screen and identify talented developers. 

Join this webinar with Sachin Gupta, CEO, HackerEarth and Pritika Ramani, Product Marketing Manager, HackerEarth to know how you can identify and measure the skills of developers across the globe.

About the Speaker

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    Sachin Gupta

    CEO, HackerEarth

    Sachin is a Computer Science graduate from IIT Roorkee who realized that he loves the sales and marketing aspect of a start-up as much he loves to code. He has worked as Software Developer at Google and Microsoft before he ventured out to build HackerEarth.  He wears multiple hats at HackerEarth. In the early days , he was directly involved in the product development and writing code. Currently he leads the Marketing team, overlooks the Sales strategy and drives the Sales team, is responsible for setting up the operations process and actively contributes to Product Management and Strategy.

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    Pritika Ramani

    Product Marketing Manager, HackerEarth

    Pritika is a product marketing manager for HackerEarth’s assessment platform. She leads marketing initiatives to support a customer’s journey, taking ownership of product branding and communication and drives thought leadership for HackerEarth. She has expertise in crafting go-to-marketing activities, marketing communication, search engine optimization techniques, sales enablement and product evangelism.