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Retaining Talent – Career Development and the Job Family Model

In this webinar, Peter Lawrence, Founder and Managing Director, Human Capital Department, discusses the Job Family Model as a method for career development to attract and retain talent.

job family is defined as a series of related job titles with progressively higher levels of impact, knowledge, skills, abilities (competencies), and other factors, providing for promotional opportunities over time.” – Auburn University

Companies can improve their HR management processes with job family models, especially while plotting the career graph for employees and facilitating related discussions.

What you will learn

  • Why is it important to attract and retain talent?
  • What are “high performers” looking for?
  • What are the options for retaining talent?
  • The Job Family Model: Career Ladder, Competencies, and Definitions
  • Importance of governance of the model
  • HR initiatives which will provide a sustainable competitive advantage

About the Speaker

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    Peter Lawrence

    Director - Human Capital Department

    Peter Lawrence is the Founder and Managing Director of Norfolk-based Human Capital Department, an HR consultancy firm. An experienced Learning Development professional, he has worked with companies such as RasGas and Kvaerner in the past. He has extensive experience in Performance Management, HR Transformation (Ulrich model), and Talent management. You can read more about him here.