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Have you ever wondered how tech giants recruit the best software engineers? 

How do they identify and assemble the perfect combination of recruiting tools that equate to success?

You’ll find answers to these at our webinar. Our guest is amazing! Phil Strazzulla, founder of SelectSoftware Reviews, shosw you how to use industry best practices to build a solid recruitment tech stack that works.

Watch this webinar to learn:

  • How best-in-class companies design their recruiting tech stacks
  • How to build the perfect tech stack with some of the very best tools out there
  • How to measure the ROI from your tech stack

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  • About the speaker

    Phil Strazzulla started his career off working in venture capital at Bessemer Venture Partners where he nerded out on early stage software companies.  He went off to get his MBA at HBS, taught himself to code, and found himself in the HR space as an entrepreneur running a small SaaS business.  Fast forward a few years and he started a blog to try and help HR and recruiting teams find and buy the right tools called SelectSoftware.  When not learning and writing about HR Tech, Phil can be found struggling to find fairways on the golf course, meditating, or trying out a new recipe.

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    Phil Strazzulla

    Select Software Reviews