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One of the most important resources in recruiting is FREE and available to everyone – your personal brand!

Oftentimes, recruiting professionals are caught up in meeting metrics and building their stats, without using the power of personal branding to make lasting connections. But how do you get started in defining “you” and networking to level up your recruitment game?

In this webinar, Kimberly (aka #bettercallkim) will share her success story and how you can take advantage of new perspectives in sourcing.

We will cover topics such as:

      • Defining your personal brand
      • Where, when and how to connect in a NEW way with candidates
      • How building a solid reputation can grow your career

  • About the speaker

    Over the past 4 years at CSG, Kimberly has grown her career from a Senior Recruiter to managing a talent acquisition team on a global scale. Part of her success is driven through her blog, #bettercallkim, where she helps job seekers understand the finer details of interview processes and how to make lasting impressions to land their next big opportunity.

    Through her unique personal branding and networking approach, she has helped her teams and others find more efficient and effective ways to connect and source top talent across the world.

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    Kimberly Haught

    Global Talent Acquisition Manager, CSG