Embracing Diversity and Inclusion in recruiting with HackerEarth

Over 47% of millennials want to work at diverse companies but a lack of workforce diversity and unconscious bias are fast becoming a systemic problem in tech. Companies worldwide are looking to tackle the issue of diversity hiring in tech but very few have actually made strides in the right direction. A diverse workforce can give you a competitive edge and has also impacted productivity and profits in the past.

This webinar with our CEO, Sachin Gupta, and our Director of Customer Success, Ruchi Sarna, will be all about the new powerful features that we have introduced to empower recruiters and hiring managers to adopt a bias-free and inclusive hiring process.

About the Speaker

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    Sachin Gupta

    CEO, HackerEarth

    Sachin is a Computer Science graduate from IIT Roorkee who realized that he loves the sales and marketing aspect of a start-up as much he loves to code. He has worked as Software Developer at Google and Microsoft before he ventured out to build HackerEarth.  He wears multiple hats at HackerEarth. In the early days , he was directly involved in the product development and writing code. Currently he leads the Marketing team, overlooks the Sales strategy and drives the Sales team, is responsible for setting up the operations process and actively contributes to Product Management and Strategy.

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    Ruchi Sarna

    Senior Director of Customer Success, HackerEarth

    Ruchi is an experienced business leader, with a track record of building and scaling multicultural teams and growing business in India and APAC regions. She is currently the Senior Director of Customer Success at HackerEarth and has previously worked with top companies such as LinkedIn and Oracle in the past.