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Delivering a delightful candidate experience

Gone are the days of posting for a job and waiting to see candidates rushing to apply for it. Today it’s candidates who have all the power. The best way to woo them and get them on board is by catering to a delightful candidate experience.

In this webinar, you will get insights into how HackerEarth has managed to do this successfully.

Attend this webinar and know more about :

  • Why candidate experience is important
  • How HackerEarth provides a hassle-free candidate experience

About the Speaker

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    Pritika Ramani

    Product Marketing Manager, HackerEarth

    Pritika is a product marketing manager for HackerEarth’s assessment platform. She leads marketing initiatives to support a customer’s journey, taking ownership of product branding and communication and drives thought leadership for HackerEarth. She has expertise in crafting go-to-marketing activities, marketing communication, search engine optimization techniques, sales enablement and product evangelism.