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Decoding the Challenges of the Digital Talent Marketplace

webinar CalenderDate Aired On: September 29, 2022


Digital workers are confidently trading job security for a new opportunities, putting them at the vanguard of the great resignation—and presenting employers with both an opportunity and a risk. In this episode of This Is Recruiting, Marvin Smith, a renowned talent engagement consultant is here to discuss the current challenges hiring managers face while dealing with digital talent and what digital talent marketplaces will look like near future. Join us on the 29th of September at 10:00am EST to learn:

  • How digital talent marketplaces can help you bridge the talent gap
  • What hiring teams can do to retain internal talent
  • Marvin’s exclusive insights into the discussions at the recent HR Technology Conference
And so much more! Save your seat today and let’s talk talent!


Marvin Smith is a TA consultant focusing on talent engagement. Marvin leverages his experience in talent acquisition, recruitment marketing, and HR technology to help clients develop custom strategies that meet the challenges of the digital talent marketplace.

Marvin previously led innovative talent engagement initiatives for Lockheed Martin, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Microsoft, and several early-stage companies. The talent engagement projects he undertakes leverage HR technology and tools to cultivate relationships with the desired target talent audiences to meet the workforce plan.

Marvin writes, speaks, shares insights, and converses in various talent acquisition industry venues. Previously, he led two industry non-profits; the Northwest Recruiters Association and Sourcing 7, a talent sourcing SIG (special interest group).