Bridging the gap between recruiters and engineers

One of the most powerful tools you have in growing your company is your people. Only a team of committed individuals can accomplish great things, and it starts with recruiting the right person for the right role. 

This webinar will help recruiters and engineers understand the challenges the other is facing and provide them with specific tips on how to collaborate better. Recruiters will learn how to prevent common mistakes in communicating with engineers; engineers will learn how to give recruiters what they need to succeed at getting hired.

In this webinar we’ll cover:

  • Cultivating empathy
  • How to communicate effectively
  • How to create compelling job descriptions and outreach campaigns 
  • How to look beyond the resume

About the Speaker

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    Miki Johnson

    Co-Founder, Job Portraits

    An anthropologist at heart and a journalist by training, Miki Johnson brings over a decade of storytelling, marketing, and visual media experience to her work, helping companies communicate better with candidates.

     In 2014, Miki founded Job Portraits, a San Francisco-based employer branding studio, with her husband Jackson Solway. Since then, Job Portraits has helped 70+ high-growth startups increase candidate response rates, cut screening call times, and improve hiring team satisfaction, all by better informing candidates and improving their job search experience.

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    Lamya Alaoui

    Founder, CoachMya

    Lamya is a certified behavioral consultant and Founder of CoachMya, a consulting firm dedicated to enabling teams to communicate and collaborate effectively. With over 14 years of experience building and leading teams for companies such as Google, Groupon, Microsoft, Orange, Intelcia, and Bertelsmann, Lamya has combined her skill sets and expertise to bring these principles to a wider audience, and support companies in building and sustaining team alignment.

    Her work focuses on improving workplace performance, morale, and engagement through a better understanding of behavioral dimensions, cognitive diversity, thought processes, and motivational drivers. She is also a mentor for Plug & Play, where she works with startups on talent strategies and leadership development.