Guide to ensuring effective talent assessment

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What is Talent assessment?

Talent assessment test or how some term them a pre-employment test or screening test are used by employers to check whether a candidate is a good fit for the organization.


When it comes to tech talent assessment, the statistics are scary

  • According to Indeed, 86% of the organizations surveyed said they were finding it difficult to find and hire tech talent, with more than 1/3 describing it as very challenging.
  • 53%  percent of the participants admitted that they ended up hiring people who did not really meet their requirements, but they were simply unable to wait any longer.
  • 33 percent stated that their inability to hire staff on time had led to a burnout situation among existing employees, which had a negative impact on the business.
  • Additionally, 83 percent of the respondents believed that the tech talent shortage had hurt their business through lost revenues, slower product development, and increased employee burnout.

Based on research which reveals that careful pre-hire candidate assessment results in significant productivity increase, cost savings and decreased attrition.

Organizations across globes are putting their efforts to reduce cost, time, effort and risk involved in technical hiring.

Tech recruitment software enables these hiring teams with greater insights into recruiting tech talent.

These tools reduce hiring cost by more than 54% and increase efficiency by almost 10X.

With this ebook, we cover the following topics of tech talent assessment:

  • Talent recognition current situation
  • How to respond to these challenges
  • Types of assessments
  • How to reduce bias in hiring
  • How to build your own talent assessment software strategy

With a great talent pipeline, you can use talent assessment software to hire talented developers with this free eBook.