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Every time you refer a friend to HackerEarth Assessments, both you and your referral will receive a $100 gift card after successful onboarding. All you need to do is fill the form and sit back till we onboard your referral.

Here’s how the HackerEarth Referral Program works


Fill the form

Share details of the peer you want to refer, along with some of your details


Sit back

Hold tight while we contact and onboard your referral to HackerEarth


Earn big

Get a $100 gift card each time we onboard your referral!

Why HackerEarth Assessments?


One-click coding
test creation


Robust library of
over 17,000 questions


Effortless screening of
top candidates


Seamless integration
with FaceCode
coding interviews

Save Time

1 hour turnaround time
on support tickets

Save Time

Fully customizable
pricing plans

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the HackerEarth Referral Program?

The HackerEarth Referral Program is an exclusive program for HackerEarth customers that allows them to refer their peers to HackerEarth Assessments and earn rewards.

You can refer anybody new to the HackerEarth platform, as long as they are not working at the same organization as you, or do not have an active HackerEarth assessments account. The 'referrer' (the one who refers - a current user of HackerEarth) earns a reward for every 'referee' (the one whom they refer) that purchases a HackerEarth plan.

For each successful referral, both the referrer and the referee will be eligible to receive a gift voucher worth USD 100.

While there is no limit on the number of customers that can be referred, the referrer can only earn a total of 5 vouchers in a calendar year.

To participate in the referral program, the individual must be of the legal age in their state of residence and be currently employed with an existing customer of HackerEarth.

The referrer will be intimated when the referral purchases a HackerEarth plan. The referrer and the referee will both receive a gift voucher worth $100 within 7 working days of successfully purchasing a HackerEarth Assessments plan, within 6 months of sharing the referral.