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High capability at a reasonable price
That’s what HackerEarth gives you

Products Bundles

HackerEarth Assessments

Accurately assess and screen developers

20 invites 1 recruiter seat Access to a premium question library
50 invites 1 recruiter seat 1 team seat Access to a premium question library

We understand that every company's need is different, so if you need a custom plan, please get in touch with us.

$119per month

* billed annually

$279per month

* billed annually

Features Starter Professional Custom
Create tests automatically and manually Supports Supports Supports
Premium question library Supports Supports Supports
Custom library Supports Supports Supports
Invite candidates Supports Supports Supports
View detailed reports Supports Supports Supports
Export and share test reports Supports Supports Supports
Collect candidate information Supports Supports Supports
Categorization of candidates Supports Supports Supports
Password-protected tests Supports Supports Supports
View candidate feedback Supports Supports Supports
Basic proctoring settings Supports Supports Supports
Advanced proctoring settings Supports Supports Supports
Question pooling No supports Supports Supports
White-labeling No supports Supports Supports
Bulk upload MCQ questions No supports Supports Supports
Code player No supports Supports Supports
HackerEarth Recruit API No supports Supports Supports
Premium questions library No supports No supports Supports
Third-party ATS integrations No supports No supports Supports
Dedicated account manager No supports No supports Supports
Dedicated customer success manager No supports No supports Supports
Support via phone and email No supports No supports Supports

Once your assessment credits are exhausted, you will be automatically charged for usage over and above specified credit limit. You can optionally choose to buy additional assessment credits before you exhaust them by speaking with our team to ensure seamless operations


Run intelligent coding interviews

5 interviews per month 1 interviewer seat

$19per month

* billed annually

Learning & Development

Keep tech-teams future proof

A minimum of 30 users

$149per month

* billed annually


Engage developers through innovation

Internal or Community Hackathon Hiring Challenge

Consult with us to get started

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I change my plan after the trial ends?

Yes, you will be able to subscribe to a plan of your choice by adding your payment method on the Billing & Usage page.

Yes, you can upgrade or downgrade your plan any time during the course of your subscription. You can also cancel your subscription by reaching out to us at

You will be billed on a pro-rata basis for the month in which you change your plan.

You can choose to cancel and reclaim unused test invites at any time, irrespective of the plan that you are subscribed to.