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Assessments v2.0

to get you ready for the new-age recruitment

Our new age Assessment platform is built differently.

Here's how...


Go beyond assessing basic programming abilities

Our project-type questions mimic real-world tasks, providing valuable insights into candidates' on-the-job performance. Ask candidates to build the front-end, back-end, or an entire application, and assess with ease.

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Evaluate the skills crucial for an AI-powered future

Assess for the most-in-demand skills required in the AI industry such as machine learning, natural language processing, data science, and computer vision on a versatile platform compatible with various frameworks.

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Assess the full potential of experienced developers

When considering lateral hiring of experienced programmers, evaluate their grasp of key concepts like Flowchart and UML diagrams, along with questions related to the development cycle, all through diagram-based assessments.

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Best-in-class IDE with code snippets for enhanced DevEx

Elevate the candidate experience with code snippets that enable them to focus on the necessary algorithm for question-solving. This ensures a smooth process, eliminating repetitive tasks that might otherwise hinder their maximum productivity.

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Create Assessments with ChatGPT integration

With a seamless ChatGPT integration into developers' IDE, elevate their testing experience while gaining insights into their approach to problem-solving and utilization of modern toolsets. Admins hold complete control over enabling and disabling this integration.

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Preserve the integrity of Assessments with advanced proctoring- Smart Browser

Conduct reliable Assessments regardless of the size of your organization with our advanced proctoring tool-the Smart Browser. A secure testing environment that virtually eliminates cheating possibilities during exams.

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We understand that every business is unique.
Our solutions are tailored for your unique business infrastructure and can save up to 75% of your interview time.

HackerEarth Assessments V2.0

The Benefits

Hassle-free test creation and evaluation

AI-powered tool creates tests in a few minutes to assess a candidates' coding skills.

Launch an AI-based test in just 2 minutes

Test the candidates on real-world scenarios as they code on a developer-friendly IDE.

Data-driven hiring decisions

Accurate evaluation with automatically generated leaderboard at the end of every test.

Assess for job-readiness with real-world questions

Here are few examples

Full stack

Customer Authentication

Implement a custom authentication system in a Laravel project, specifically for regular users, and exclude administrators.


Basic file permissions

Task is to alter the file permissions for the given files in the following format.

Full stack

Monthly expenses tracker

Develop a pseudo front-end monthly expense tracker application so that it calculates the monthly income and expenditure.


[Python] Yelp selenium

Use Selenium WebDriver to write the code with the help of Selenium and Python.

Full stack

[Ruby on Rails] Stock trades

Implement a simple REST API to manage a collection of stock trades.

Generative AI sparking fears of candidates' cheating during take-home coding
tests during the hiring process? HackerEarth has introduced measures to protect the integrity of tests.

Haikal Pribadi

The whole experience of being able to create questions, create a question bank, rotate the question etc. is quite novel. We didn't even think a coding platform could serve that kind of function but turns out, HackerEarth did it.

Haikal Pribadi
Founder and CEO, Vaticle

Think new-age Assessments.

Think HackerEarth.

With HackerEarth Assessments 2.0, you can assess, shortlist, and hire top talent for your tech teams.

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