Here’s why companies switch to
HackerEarth from Mettl

Thanks to a premium library of over 17,000 coding questions, supremely easy user experience, and vastly superior customer support, many companies have switched over to HackerEarth from Mettl.

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Rest assured.
You’re asking the right questions.

Not only do we ensure the efficacy of the questions on our database, we also go the extra mile to give you a complete set of features. All so you can evaluate developers to the highest degree of accuracy.

Type of questions used in coding assessments
Testing experience

A testing experience that’s designed with you in mind.

With a question bank of 17,000+ coding questions and automated test creation, among many other key features, our coding assessments ensure minimal bandwidth drain and maximum efficiency.

An assessment platform built by coders, for coders.

We are coders ourselves, and we know what it takes to curate a user experience that coders love. So, you can be sure that the candidates you assess have the best experience possible.

Type of questions used in coding assessments
Robust proctoring for the coding assessments

Some candidates use all means possible. So do we.

We go to great lengths to ensure that only genuine candidates make the cut. That’s why the HackerEarth platform comes with the most robust proctoring capabilities on the market.

Because resumes lie, but data doesn’t

With insight-rich reports on a developer’s performance and the code replay feature, HackerEarth lets you get a deeper insight into a candidate’s capabilities.


Finetune your hiring funnel with data-driven insights

HackerEarth gives you a deeper analysis of your hiring funnel, so you can constantly improve your coding tests and create an industry-leading hiring process.

We’re more than a Mettl alternative

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99.99% Uptime





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