Psychometric Psychology

Psychometric Psychology Definition

Psychometric psychology is a branch of psychology that focuses on the measurement of human attributes, such as intelligence, aptitude, and personality. In the context of HR, psychometric psychology is often used to assess job candidates and employees in order to make more informed hiring and development decisions.

Psychometric Psychology Key Features:

– Psychometric tests: These assessments are designed to measure specific traits or abilities, such as cognitive abilities, emotional intelligence, or behavioral tendencies.
– Validity and reliability: Psychometric tests must be reliable and valid in order to accurately measure the traits they are intended to assess.
– Norm-referenced scoring: Psychometric tests are typically scored in comparison to a norm group, allowing for a standardization of results.

Psychometric Psychology Best Practices:

– Use a variety of psychometric tests: Different tests measure different attributes, so using a combination of tests can provide a more comprehensive assessment of candidates or employees.
– Ensure test validity: It’s important to use tests that have been validated for the specific traits or abilities you are looking to measure.
– Consider cultural differences: Be mindful of cultural differences that may impact test performance and interpretation.

How Does it Work:

Psychometric tests are administered to candidates or employees either online or in-person. Test results are then analyzed to provide insights into the individual’s strengths, weaknesses, and fit for a particular role or organization.


While psychometric tests can provide valuable insights into an individual's abilities and traits, they should be used in conjunction with other assessment methods to make hiring decisions.

It's important to use tests that have been validated for the specific population being tested to minimize bias. Additionally, test results should always be interpreted in conjunction with other information about the candidate.

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