Job Requisition

Job Requisition Definition 

A job requisition is a formal request to fill a job opening within a company. It is initiated by a department or team leader and involves specifying the need for a new hire, detailing the job role, responsibilities, qualifications required, and other pertinent information. For HR professionals, handling job requisitions is a fundamental part of the recruitment process, ensuring that hiring aligns with the organization’s strategic needs and budgetary constraints.

Job Requisition Best Practices

  • Clear and Detailed Descriptions: Ensure each job requisition includes a comprehensive description of the job role, responsibilities, required qualifications, and desired attributes.
  • Approval Process: Implement a streamlined approval process involving key stakeholders to expedite the requisition process while maintaining accountability.
  • Alignment with Organizational Goals: Ensure that every job requisition aligns with the company’s strategic objectives and workforce planning.
  • Budget Consideration: Confirm that budget allocation for the new role is approved and aligns with the department’s financial resources.

How Does Job Requisition Work?

The job requisition process typically begins when a department identifies the need for a new employee. The requesting manager completes a job requisition form, which is then reviewed and approved by senior management or the HR department. This approval is essential to ensure that the recruitment aligns with the company’s strategic planning and budget. Once approved, the HR team initiates the recruitment process to fill the vacancy.

Key Features of Job Requisition

  • Formal Documentation: A formalized document or system for requisition ensures clarity and consistency.
  • Specification of Job Role: Clearly outlines the expectations and requirements of the new position.
  • Approval Workflow: Involves a chain of approvals to validate the necessity of hiring for the role.
  • Budget and Resource Planning: Ensures that the hiring fits within the financial and strategic framework of the organization.


Generally, the direct manager of the department with the vacancy is responsible for initiating the job requisition, which is then processed by HR.

If not approved, the department may need to reassess its needs or resources or provide additional justification for the requisition.

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