What is Interview Scheduling

Interview Scheduling Definition:

Interview scheduling refers to the process of coordinating and arranging interview times between job candidates and interviewers. This process ensures that interviews are conducted efficiently and at times convenient for all parties involved.

Best Practices for Interview Scheduling

  • Automated Tools: Use automated scheduling tools to streamline the process and avoid conflicts.
  • Clear Communication: Clearly communicate interview details to candidates and interviewers.
  • Flexibility: Be flexible with timing to accommodate different schedules.

How Interview Scheduling Works

  1. Availability: Collect availability from candidates and interviewers.
  2. Coordination: Use scheduling tools or manual methods to find suitable times.
  3. Confirmation: Confirm interview times and send out calendar invites.

Key Features of Interview Scheduling

  • Coordination: Ensures all parties are available at the scheduled time.
  • Efficiency: Uses tools to streamline the scheduling process.
  • Communication: Involves clear and timely communication with candidates and interviewers.


Tools like Calendly, Microsoft Outlook, and Google Calendar can be used to streamline interview scheduling.

Companies should have a backup plan and be prepared to reschedule quickly, ensuring prompt communication with all parties involved.

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