Intake Meeting

Intake Meeting Definition:

An intake meeting, often a pivotal step in the recruitment process, serves as the initial interaction between hiring managers and the recruitment team. This meeting’s primary purpose is to align the recruitment strategy with the specific needs and expectations of the hiring department.

Best Practices of Intake Meeting:

  1. Preparation: Prior to the intake meeting, recruiters should gather all relevant information about the role, including previous job descriptions, profiles of successful employees, and departmental goals.
  2. Detailed Job Analysis: During the meeting, it is crucial to thoroughly discuss the job description, required skills, and qualifications. This ensures that both the recruiter and the hiring manager have a clear understanding of the role.
  3. Setting Expectations: Clear communication about the recruitment timeline, selection criteria, and interview process is essential to set realistic expectations and foster a collaborative environment.
  4. Strategy Development: Use the intake meeting to strategize on sourcing, screening, and candidate engagement techniques tailored to attract the right talent.

How Does Intake Meeting Work?

The intake meeting typically involves a detailed discussion where the hiring manager conveys the needs of the department, the nature of the job, and the qualities desired in candidates. The recruiter uses this information to craft a targeted recruitment plan. Effective intake meetings not only enhance the understanding of the role but also establish a rapport and a strategic partnership between the recruiter and the hiring manager.

Key Features of Intake Meeting:

  • Alignment of Goals: Ensures that both the recruitment team and the hiring department are aligned in their goals and expectations.
  • Strategic Planning: Facilitates the development of a customized recruitment strategy that addresses specific departmental needs.
  • Communication Enhancement: Improves communication between teams, which is crucial for a successful recruitment process.


Intake meetings should be conducted at the start of each new recruitment cycle or when a new vacancy arises. This ensures that the recruitment efforts are always aligned with the current needs of the department.

Typically, the hiring manager, HR representative, and any key stakeholders in the recruitment process should attend. This may include team leads or department heads who can provide additional insights into the team dynamics and specific role requirements.

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