Run smooth coding interviews with FaceCode

Hackerearth Facecode

Everything you need to run a coding interview in one app

Thanks to FaceCode, you can say goodbye to juggling multiple tools during a coding interview and focus purely on the coding. That’s because FaceCode comes with video chat, a collaborative code editor, a diagram board and a built-in question library.

Built-in question library with over 400 programming questions

FaceCode lets you drag and drop coding questions into the coding interface from a library of over 400 questions that are not on the public domain. This means hiring managers need not spend any bandwidth to prepare questions for each interview.

Recordings and transcripts for every interview

To help recruiters and hiring managers to consistently make the correct hiring decisions, FaceCode perpetually stores coding interviews and allows play back of an interview at any point in time so a candidate’s performance and decision making can be examined further.

A reliable coding interview tool
that just works

  • No installation required.
  • No more juggling between apps.
  • No more technical issues.
  • Works on any browser.