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HackerEarth offers 24*7 global support for a seamless tech hiring experience

That’s why HackerEarth employs a zero-bot customer support policy

Trusted by over 4,000 leading companies
to accurately assess coding skills and identify top tech talent

The shortest turnaround times in the industry
<1 hour
Turnaround Time

The shortest turnaround times in the industry

Despite the fact that we offer the least automated and most human support system, we offer best-in-class turnaround times for both our partners and candidates.

Collaborative support

We go the extra mile when it comes to resolving any enquiries. Which is why, when you launch an enquiry on our platform, we work collaboratively behind-the-scenes to engineer a solution.

Collaborative support
Collaborative support

Comprehensive onboarding with timely support

HackerEarth is designed to be easy to use. Our
comprehensive onboarding ensures that you get the best
product experience right from the start, with our global support
team to assist you when needed.

We aren’t just an assessment tool. We are your partners.

Our support workflow involves all departments of the organization, regardless of whether it’s a business or a candidate
that needs it. So reaching out to our support team means reaching out to every department at HackerEarth.

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