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Build, grow, and scale

developer relations with HackerEarth Hackathons

Supercharge your developer relations program

Why is a good DevRel Program
a vital investment?

Align product to developer needs

Build broader communities

Create recruiting opportunities

Gather community feedback

Generate product awareness

DevRel and it's many challenges

DevRel is often an intensive relationship management project and comes with many challenges.

  • Building advocates from community
  • Minimal ROI expectations
  • Increasing focus on customers rather than developers
  • Lack of alignment with traditional sales or marketing goals
  • Lack of dedicated Developer Advocates who can help their developer community
  • Setting up a dedicated evangelizing program
  • Validating and measuring DevRel programs
DevRel and it's many challenges
Building An Effective Developer

DevRel is “the good kind of fat.” Building an
effective developer community helps you retain
more users in the long run and build stickiness for
your product.

Demystifying DevRel with HackerEarth Hackathons


Hackathons that convert learning to engagement

When developers practice their creative problem solving using your APIs and tools, it ensures an engaged developer community.

Hackathons that convert learning to engagement

Harness the power of hackathons to promote API evangelization

Hackathons provide a platform to engage with and educate the developers to use your APIs, crowdsource ideas, create prototypes, and foster sustained innovation.

Harness the power of hackathons to promote API evangelization

Managed hackathon where we provide developer support

While exploring any new service or product, tech communities bring in not just fresh perspectives but also a lot of queries. With HackerEarth Hackathons, you get the support to help developers become aware of and better utilize your products and services.

Managed hackathon where we provide developer support

Dedicated team to plan and drive community registrations

You get a dedicated team to manage your hackathon end-to-end from planning and registrations, to engagement and efficient feedback management. With this, you can shift your focus to product development.

Dedicated team to plan and drive community registrations

Showcase the impact of the innovative solutions

A time-bound hackathon transforms developer queries and vision into impactful solutions. Showcase the winning solutions to your global community by seamlessly incorporating hackathons into your conferences and events.

Showcase the impact of the innovative solutions

Clear, measurable, and guaranteed ROI expectations

Whether it's tracking registration numbers, prototype submissions, or gathering valuable data, every hackathon comes with a guaranteed ROI promise, enabling you to assess the effectiveness of your developer advocacy initiatives.

*Our team will conduct your hackathon for free if we cannot deliver the committed numbers.

Clear, measurable and guaranteed ROI expectations

Bridging the gap between developers and companies
with DevRel

Drive brand awareness amongst your developer community

HCL Software

HCL Software's low-code multi-experience application development platform, HCL Volt MX, took center stage during the Volt MX Hackathon 2023. Participants were invited to tackle challenges that delivered tangible business benefits while demonstrating the remarkable capabilities and potential of Volt MX, thereby raising awareness about Volt MX.









Managed hackathons that guarantee engagement through developer sign-ups


Intel oneAPI hackathon for open innovation invited participants to build solutions with oneAPI for compelling problems. Throughout this three-phase hackathon, developers had the opportunity to receive free hands-on training from Intel® experts. Moreover, a series of workshops covering diverse oneAPI toolkits facilitated developers learning oneAPI effortlessly.




Shortlisted ideas





Support developers through evangelization and product adoption

Pi Network

The Pi Network Hackathon served as a platform to ramp up developer efforts and create real-world utilities for the Pi cryptocurrency through the Pi ecosystem. Participants were encouraged to incorporate Pi cryptocurrency into their app logic and submit their innovative projects to the Pi Brainstorm platform.






Prototype submissions



Showcase product innovation through conferences


Web3athon by CoinDesk and CRADL was the largest multi-chain, people-first crypto hack, and was a part of CoinDesk's flagship conference, Consensus. The hackathon engaged the participants and the sponsors by setting a problem statement that required teams to use one of the sponsor's technologies in their idea to build better, scalable products that use web3.






Idea submissions


Prototype submissions

Boost business innovation and solutions through hackathons


The core of the Project Polyglot challenge and the desired innovation was to create a model that could simply translate data from a highly heterogeneous mix of sources into a single, encompassing, usable, representation. The NuHarbor hackathon helped to achieve this, by engaging with the HackerEarth community of AI leaders, bringing out fresh perspectives and innovative ideas.






Idea submissions



Hackathons vs Conference:
Which One Works The Best for Blockchain Industry?

Looking for the future of developer relations?

Take a look at HackerEarth managed Hackathons.

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