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Case Study

How Zenoti identifies top tech talent 60% faster with HackerEarth

About Zenoti

Headquartered in Bellevue, Washington, Zenoti provides cloud-based software for spa and salon industries. They help 12,000+ businesses in 50+ countries with their day-to-day operations. This includes scheduling appointments, managing billing, inventory, and more.

Building high-performing engineering teams is paramount to the success of Zenoti’s business. The company continues to rapidly grow its tech teams by hiring 60-100 new engineers every quarter.

“We are always looking for great new talent to bring in their passion for technology and share new ideas,” says Gurunadh Bandi, Senior Recruitment Partner at Zenoti.

What did Zenoti’s recruitment process look like?

The company has a five-member tech recruiting team working on closing all 60-100 open roles in one quarter. On average, each recruiter screens about 150-200 applications for one role. This adds up to a minimum of 750 applications screened for 60 open positions.

So, where did Zenoti need help?​

Technical Screening

With the sheer volume of applications coming in, it was nearly impossible to identify the right candidates quickly. Especially because coding tests were sent manually to candidates via email.

There was a delay in getting completed tests back from candidates, leaving hiring managers with limited time for evaluation. Hence, moving candidates from the screening to the interview stage took longer than ideal.

Coding Interviews

Furthermore, shortlisted candidates were interviewed on platforms like Microsoft Teams, “…which was okay, but had a lot of limitations when it came to evaluating a candidate’s coding skills in real-time” says Gurunadh. It was difficult to evaluate skills without a built-in code editor and compiler. Interviewers had to resort to multiple offline tools for code submissions, like drawing board apps, word documents, etc. They also needed a different tool to record their feedback. This made the entire process inefficient and time-consuming.

Zenoti needed to figure out the best way to engage recruiters and hiring managers in the process while optimizing their time. They needed a solution that could help them:

  • Increase their screening speed 
  • Streamline their interview process

What benefits did Zenoti see with HackerEarth?

A 50% faster screening process

Zenoti’s screening process includes a technical assessment. With HackerEarth, it took hiring managers minutes to create the test – thanks to the platform’s built-in library that came equipped with over 13,000 questions across 41+ different programming languages. 

Once this was done, recruiters could send bulk test invites to candidates in seconds. 

After an assessment is taken, the platform automatically generates a leaderboard. Candidates are ranked according to their test performance. This helps recruiters easily pick the top performing candidates who fall above a certain cut-off score. Candidates are then shortlisted for the interview rounds. The entire process only takes a couple of minutes, helping recruiters save time and quickly narrow the pool of candidates to those most qualified.

A more robust interviewing process

HackerEarth’s platform includes a remote coding interview tool called FaceCode. Similar to platforms like Zoom and Microsoft Teams, FaceCode too comes with a high-quality video and voice chat. 

But what gives it an edge for tech interviews is its built-in collaborative code editor and compiler. This is accessible to both interviewers and candidates in real-time.In addition, the tool also comes equipped with a drawing board, extensive question library, automated interview summaries, and more.

This was a huge plus for Zenoti. They were able to assess a candidate’s coding ability, problem-solving skills, and approach during a live interview. They no longer had to use multiple tools offline, eliminating the need for manual code submissions, evaluations and interview summaries. This helped optimize the entire interview process.

The Outcome

  • Time to screen reduced by 60%; top candidates were identified faster
  • Coding interviews became 80% more efficient – thanks to HackerEarth’s all-in-one interviewing platform, FaceCode
  • Recruiters saved 50% of their time manually screening candidates

HackerEarth is the most important element of our selection process. We can assess a candidate’s skills so easily with HackerEarth that only truly skilled candidates reach the final interview stage. The platform is very easy to use and offers a comprehensive range of features that help us hire top technical talent in the shortest amount of time. We are now able to screen and shortlist candidates 60% faster than before.

Gurunadh Bandi

Senior Recruitment Partner at Zenoti


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