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Case Study

SirionLabs identifies top talent within 15 minutes using HackerEarth

About SirionLabs

Founded in 2012 and with offices in the US, India, and Singapore, SirionLabs is a leading enterprise SaaS provider for post-signature contract management. The organization caters to contract life-cycle and supplier management across various industries including energy, pharma, food and beverages, healthcare, and telecom.

The platform significantly reduces the cost of supplier governance by automating complex procedures across key governance disciplines of contract, performance, financial, relationship, and risk management.

Technical screening using HackerEarth

SirionLabs is predominantly a product company, so it’s no surprise that 70% of its hiring needs are for engineers.

The process starts with:

  • Screening of resumes to shortlist candidates
  • Sending a HackerEarth test to the shortlisted candidates
  • Conducting interviews with those who’ve been selected for the final round

The team uses HackerEarth Assessments to hire technical talent across different skill sets and experience ranging from entry-level positions to technical leads (with 8.5 years of experience.) The organization leverages HackerEarth Assessments for lateral hiring as well as campus hiring in the ratio of 70:30.

SirionLabs uses HackerEarth Assessments to evaluate candidates for technical positions such as front end developers, Java developers, quality analysts, database analysts, MIS executives, and DevOps engineers. Additionally, the organization uses the custom tests feature on HackerEarth to hire for certain non-technical roles.

The stumbling block(s)

Before using HackerEarth, SirionLabs relied on manual assessments (pen and paper test) that took a significant amount of time and exhausted the organization’s resources quickly. In addition, the recruitment team at SirionLabs found it challenging to:

  • Identify high-quality candidates
  • Reduce the time taken to hire a candidate
  • Manage remote hiring

The organization’s quest to find a solution to improve the quality of its screening process led them to HackerEarth.

The silver bullet

SirionLabs has been using HackerEarth since 2016 and is extremely satisfied with the platform.

HackerEarth is such a user-friendly platform. It’s easy to use and navigate. I love the platform because not only does it have pre-built tests, but it also gives users the flexibility to create custom tests.

– Namrata Bisht, Senior Talent Acquisition Specialist at SirionLabs

After making the move to HackerEarth, here are some of the benefits that SirionLabs witnessed.

40% reduction in time to hire

The recruitment team spent less time creating tests, evaluating candidates, and shortlisting them, owing to the automated assessments available on the platform. The organization is now able to save a lot of time and resources in hiring the right technical talent.

After using HackerEarth, we were able to reduce the time taken to hire a candidate by 40%.

Namrata Bisht, Senior Talent Acquisition Specialist, SirionLabs

60% decrease in travel costs

With the help of the live video interview feature, the team no longer had to worry about travel costs or making candidates visit the office for an interview. The team could evaluate a candidate’s skills in real-time using the live code editor. The organization could significantly save time and costs involved in hiring candidates from remote locations.

HackerEarth has helped us reduce our travel costs by 60%.

Namrata Bisht, Senior Talent Acquisition Specialist, SirionLabs

15 minutes to identify top candidates

Using HackerEarth, there’s also been an improvement in the quality of candidates shortlisted for an interview at SirionLabs. The detailed reports on the platform gave hiring managers and recruiters an overall perspective of the candidates who had taken the test, helping them identify top talent within minutes.

With the help of the candidate reports available on the platform, we’re able to identify top candidates within 15 minutes

Namrata Bisht, Senior Talent Acquisition Specialist, SirionLabs

Better collaboration with hiring managers

HackerEarth enables recruiters and hiring managers at SirionLabs to coordinate and collaborate more effectively. Hiring managers are able to create a test quickly using the platform. Apart from using the vast question library, HackerEarth provides them the flexibility to add custom questions as well.

It takes around 30 minutes for a hiring manager to create a test with 20 multiple choice questions and 3 programming questions.

Namrata Bisht, Senior Talent Acquisition Specialist, SirionLabs

It’s also easy for hiring managers to determine a candidate’s performance using the reports available on the platform. By analyzing metrics such as code quality and logic, top skills, and time taken to complete a test, hiring managers can make quick decisions. They share these reports with recruiters, who are now able to schedule and manage interviews more efficiently.

A happy customer, indeed

By choosing HackerEarth, the team at SirionLabs has been able to improve its technical screening process. The team believes it has made the right decision and is looking forward to using HackerEarth for a long time.

From a quality and pricing perspective, HackerEarth has been great. We’re immensely happy with the platform, and absolutely love the support and service provided by HackerEarth.

Namrata Bisht, Senior Talent Acquisition Specialist, SirionLabs.

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