Case Study

How OYO scales its tech recruitment using Recruit

About OYO

OYO rooms, commonly known as OYO, is India’s largest hospitality company, with a hotel network of over 8,500 hotels, spread across 230 cities. In 2017, OYO launched OYO Home, an online marketplace for short-term managed rentals across 10 leisure destinations in India.

Role of HackerEarth’s technical recruitment software in streamlining the hiring process

OYO leverages Recruit for its campus hiring needs. The entire hiring process at OYO is extremely scientific and has been designed to be data-driven. Recruiters create a beginner-level skill-based test across a wide array of programming languages available on Recruit (over 35). They test candidates on multiple competencies like problem-solving, coding, data structures,  algorithms, and computer science fundamentals. The duration of this test ranges from 1.5 to 2 hours, and candidates who are automatically screened on the platform are then advanced to further interview rounds.

Impact of using Recruit on campus hiring

HackerEarth’s recruitment platform helped bring down the recruitment time drastically. This helped recruiters to concentrate more on offline rounds. It has also helped filter candidates so that recruiters have the best talent pool to choose from.

How was the experience with HackerEarth?

The platform has helped OYO streamline its campus hiring drives, reach out to a large candidate pool, and filter out qualified candidates within a short period. As of today, OYO continues to use Recruit as its platform for tech recruitment and is looking to make lateral hires too using the platform in the future.

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