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Case Study

Kaleyra reduces its screening time by 50% using HackerEarth

About Kaleyra

Kaleyra is a global communications solutions provider that offers an extensive range of telecommunication services for banks, retail and e-commerce companies, and enterprises.

Established in 1999, the company quickly grew to be the largest communication service provider in the BFSI industry, with customers in over 30 countries. It houses around 200+ employees based in the United States, Italy, India, Switzerland, United Arab Emirates, and Singapore.

Challenges in technical hiring

Earlier, the technical hiring process at Kaleyra began with sourcing candidate profiles from all available channels and manually screening their resumes. The recruitment team at Kaleyra would invite candidates to take an assessment and then interview shortlisted candidates. It was not long before the team ran into some challenges.

Long interview hours:

The team often spent hours interviewing candidates because they didn’t have a process to filter candidates effectively. There were times when a hiring manager would conduct at least 2 to 3 rounds of interviews per day to kick start the evaluation process. However, this proved to be time-consuming and inefficient.

Poor quality of candidates:

The team was unhappy with the quality of candidates who were shortlisted using their existing assessment methods and tools. They found that the candidates who were shortlisted did not meet the organization’s internal benchmarks and they had to take a closer look at their candidate pool to analyze if they’ve missed anyone who may have been a good fit.

We’d eventually realize that we’d been evaluating candidates who were not skilled enough for the job role. And we needed a way to speed up the hiring process and improve the quality of hires.

– Ashwini J, Senior HR Manager, Kaleyra

Remote screening:

The team at Kaleyra found it difficult to increase it’s outreach and find the best talent on campus. Additionally, it was challenging to widen the network of colleges they wanted to visit, owing to logistical constraints.

Earlier, we would ask candidates from other locations to come down to Bangalore for an interview, which was not always scalable and conducive.

Ashwini J, Senior HR Manager, Kaleyra

On the other hand, the team at Kaleyra would also visit campuses to hire junior developers. While this was a huge investment of their time and resources, the returns were poor. The team needed a solution to fix this immediately.

How HackerEarth changed the game

The recruitment team at Kaleyra decided to replace its existing assessment solution with a more powerful alternative.

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Enter HackerEarth

There are a couple of reasons why we zeroed in on HackerEarth. We were specifically hiring developers who were proficient in Node, PHP, Java, Python, and more. And HackerEarth has a robust set of questions that allowed us to evaluate candidates on these specific skills.

Ashish Agarwal, CTO, Kaleyra

Another big reason for choosing HackerEarth was the availability of the live video interview feature. This helped the team solve the problem of remotely evaluating candidates.

Thanks to HackerEarth’s video interview feature, we didn’t have to force candidates to make a trip to the office for a face-to-face interview anymore. We found that using video interviews, we were able to gauge a candidate’s skills precisely. More importantly, we were able to determine high quality candidates by evaluating their logic and assessing their coding skills in real-time.

Ashwini J, Senior HR Manager, Kaleyra


This made it easier for recruiters and hiring managers to take collaborative hiring decisions.

The HackerEarth advantage

  • Assess candidates for different roles: Kaleyra uses HackerEarth to evaluate engineering graduates for entry level positions as well as experienced developers for senior positions. The team was able to hire even for niche roles, owing to the exhaustive list of questions in the HackerEarth library. With the help of HackerEarth, Kaleyra hired front end developers, devops engineers, full stack developers, quality analysts, and more.
  • Improve quality of hires: Using HackerEarth, the team had a fool-proof mechanism to filter candidates before deciding to shortlist them for interviews.

With the help of HackerEarth, now we’re able to screen and filter only high quality candidates and move them to the interview stage. This has significantly reduced the time, cost, and resources that we would otherwise have spent in hiring developers.

Ashish Agarwal, CTO, Kaleyra.

  • Reduce the number of interviews: By interviewing only candidates who cleared an assessment, hiring managers were able to save significant engineering hours and cut down on the time taken for conducting interviews.

The experience with HackerEarth has been great so far. The platform has helped us reduce the number of interviews to evaluate candidates by 50%. And that’s been a huge relief!

Ashwini J, Senior HR Manager, Kaleyra

  • Save cost and resources: The video interview features came in handy for the team, especially when they had to hire developers from remote locations. This helped the team save a significant amount of time and money.
  • Streamline recruitment workflow: By integrating HackerEarth with their ATS (FreshTeam), Kaleyra had complete visibility of its recruiting funnel.

The journey so far

  • Kaleyra has been using HackerEarth since August 2019. The team is immensely satisfied with the platform. It continues to use HackerEarth in its initial screening and evaluation processes to get the best talent on board. Using HackerEarth, the company has evaluated candidates from reputed universities such as NIT Surathkal and NIT Sikkim.

HackerEarth has made my life easier and helped bring the right candidate to the technical team.

Ashwini J, Senior HR Manager, Kaleyra

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