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Case Study

HSC uses HackerEarth to reduce resource utilization by 50% during its screening process

About HSC

Hughes Systique Corporation (HSC) a CMMi Level 5, PCMM Level 3, ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 27001:2013 (ISMS), is an award-winning software solutions & services company that has been instrumental in steering the digital transformation journey of its clients from the forefront. With its innovative solutions and solution accelerators in the areas of RetailAutomotiveMultimediaNetworksIoT & Security, HSC has helped its clients significantly reduce their Time-to-Market, optimize their business processes and successfully adapt to the changing business landscape. HSC also provides technology consulting, software design, development & testing services to OEMs and service providers in the telecom, broadband, wireless and satellite segments. Headquartered in Rockville, Maryland USA with development centres in Gurgaon and Bengaluru, India, Hughes Systique is a leading technology provider with best-in-class domain experts, system architects, and engineering teams. HSC is promoted by Hughes Network Systems ( The management team of HSC comprises industry veterans who founded extremely successful companies in the telecom segment in India and the US. For more information, please visit

The Roadblocks

HSC is using HackerEarth platform for the hiring of Fresh Engineering Graduates. Before using HackerEarth Assessments, HSC manually screened the test papers to identify top candidates. The volume of candidates was high, and the team spent too much time evaluating and assessing candidates. They had to rely on multiple people, especially from the engineering teams, to participate in the screening process. 

The team wanted an efficient way to: 

  • Identify high-quality candidates
  • Increase the scale of hiring
  • Reduce the number of stakeholders involved in the screening process

HSC + HackerEarth

HSC uses HackerEarth Assessments to screen and hire candidates from different universities. The organization has conducted various tests simultaneously on the platform across different universities.

The technical recruitment process at HSC is as follows:

  • Screen resumes to shortlist candidates
  • Send a HackerEarth test to shortlisted candidates
  • Conduct face-to-face interviews (technical and HR) with candidates who are selected

The tests consist of programming and aptitude questions to evaluate candidates on their basic programming and logical reasoning skills.

The questions available on the HackerEarth platform have helped us shortlist the candidates with Good Aptitude and Technical Knowledge.

HR Team, HSC


Assess candidates across a wide range of skills

HSC predominantly uses HackerEarth Assessments to hire developers skilled in Java, C, C++, and Python. The vast question library enables the team to create tests for multiple skills quickly. Apart from using the HackerEarth library, customized questions can be added in the assessment

Decrease time to hire

The automated assessments available on the platform enables the team to save time setting up tests and evaluating and shortlisting candidates. 

Using HackerEarth, we are able to conduct tests and interview the candidates on the same day.

HR Team, HSC

Identify top candidates in 15 minutes

With the help of the candidate reports available on HackerEarth, the team was able to spot top candidates in a matter of minutes. 

The candidate reports available on the platform has helped us identify top candidates within 15 minutes.

HR Team, HSC

Reduce resource utilization by 50%

Earlier, the team at HSC had to rely on a number of people in their engineering team for screening candidates across different universities. This significantly increased the time and resources spent during the screening process.

After using HackerEarth, we’ve managed to reduce the resource utilization significantly, cutting down our engineering resources by 50% in our screening process.

HR Team, HSC

Improve quality of hires

Using HackerEarth, the team had a robust mechanism to filter candidates before deciding to shortlist them for interviews.

What next?

The team at HSC is immensely satisfied with the platform and continues to use HackerEarth in its initial screening process to screen and hire the best university talent. In 2019 alone, they used HackerEarth to screen 2,000 candidates across 12 universities. 

Hire the best developers using HackerEarth