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Case Study

How to hire a team of data scientists in 10 days

What’s their story?

GyanMatrix Technologies is one of the fastest-growing (not just with reference to headcount) startups in Bangalore. In 2015, it started with a 5-member team, which has almost reached a 100 members now!

They are a technological incubation and analytical services company specializing in Enterprise mobile applications and web solutions. They set themselves apart in their approach of incubating customer requirements and ideating solutions.


They wanted to build the best Data Scientist team comprising experienced data scientists, to work on customer data projects of News UK and build exciting editorial and advertising platforms.


They were able to identify and recruit fresh talent, however, they were struggling to find experienced data scientists. They tried headhunting for 4 months the usual way, but it did not yield any results.

Hiring prerequisites

  • Inherent technical curiosity
  • Deeper understanding of data flow
  • Ability to solve high-order business problems
  • Ability to build predictive models
  • Technical skillset (Python, R, JavaScript, SQL, Tableau, Scala, Hadoop, etc.)

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