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Case Study

GlobalLogic uses HackerEarth to evaluate candidates in 20 minutes

About GlobalLogic

Founded in 2000, with its headquarters in Silicon Valley (San Jose, California), GlobalLogic is a digital product engineering company that integrates design, complex engineering, and agile delivery capabilities to produce superior business outcomes for global brands.

With 15,000+ employees in 14 countries and 300+ active customers including Fox, Oracle, Volvo, Adobe, and Panasonic, GlobalLogic has been instrumental in enabling organizations across the globe to design, build, and deliver next-generation products and digital experiences.

The deterrents

Before using HackerEarth Assessments, GlobalLogic manually screened applications to identify top candidates. And this was especially difficult when they wanted to screen and hire candidates from different universities. The volume of candidates was high, and the team spent too much time evaluating and assessing candidates.

The team wanted an efficient way to:

  • Identify high-quality candidates
  • Decrease the time to hire
  • Increase the scale of hiring

Changing the game with HackerEarth

Now, the technical recruitment process at GlobalLogic is as follows:

  • Screen resumes to shortlist candidates
  • Send a HackerEarth test to the shortlisted candidates
  • Organize a group discussion with the candidates who are selected
  • Conduct multiple rounds of interviews (technical, managerial, and HR) with candidates who are selected

GlobalLogic leverages HackerEarth Assessments for campus and lateral hiring in the ratio of 70:30. The team uses HackerEarth Assessments to hire technical talent across different skill sets and experience levels (0-4 years of experience).

The team evaluated a few other competing solutions and found HackerEarth to fulfill most of their needs. After switching to HackerEarth, here are some of the benefits that GlobalLogic witnessed:

  • Assess candidates across a wide range of skills: GlobalLogic predominantly uses HackerEarth Assessments to hire developers skilled in Java, C#, Python, SQL, and Machine Learning. The vast question library makes it easier for the team to create tests for multiple skills.Apart from using the library with pre-built questions, the team also adds custom questions while creating an assessment.

“Compared to other solutions, HackerEarth provides us with a lot of useful features— the vast question bank to add questions and the ability to assess candidates in real-time.”

– Vipul Goyal, Senior Consultant, GlobalLogic

  • Decrease in time to hire: The automated assessments available on the platform enables the team to save time setting up tests and evaluating and shortlisting candidates.

“Creating an exhaustive assessment on HackerEarth covering multiple skills takes around 30 minutes.”

– Vipul Goyal, Senior Consultant, GlobalLogic

  • 20 minutes to evaluate candidates: After using HackerEarth, the team saw a significant improvement in the quality of candidates shortlisted for interviews. The exhaustive candidate reports available on the platform helped the team categorize candidates based on their scores, and evaluate their code in 20 minutes.

Another feather in HackerEarth’s cap

GlobalLogic has been using HackerEarth since 2017. The team is immensely satisfied with the platform and continues to use HackerEarth to meet its hiring targets. In 2019, they used HackerEarth to screen and evaluate candidates from 25 different universities.

“We’re happy with HackerEarth and appreciate the prompt support and service provided by the team.”

– Vipul Goyal, Senior Consultant, GlobalLogic


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