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Case Study

Hiring Python developers for an NGO in Latin America

What is Fundación Ciudadano Inteligente?

The mission of Fundación Ciudadano Inteligente (FCI) is to strengthen democracy and reduce inequality in Latin America by promoting transparency and citizen participation through the innovative use of information technology. 

FCI is one of the high-impact NGOs in LATAM and is the first ever Chilean entity to receive the Golden Nica from the Prix Ars Electronica´s International Competition for Arts. FCI has been financially backed by Google, UN, World Bank, UNICEF, and other worldwide organizations.


Ciudadano Inteligente


Santiago, Chile

What they do

Strengthen democracy and reduce inequality in Latin America through the innovative use of information technology

What is FCI's story?

The Head of IT, Jordi Bari, a HackerEarth user, decided to get in touch with us to try our recruiting platform, HackerEarth Recruit.


After consolidating its growth and high impact work, FCI needed to scale its IT department. Even though the NGO is small, it was having problems connecting with the right type of professionals.

In the past year, FCI used recruiting agencies, job portals, and word-of-mouth to connect with Python developers. However, it could not find the perfect balance between cultural fit and technical skills.




Within a month, FCI coordinated a social media and mailing campaign to push the challenge and connect with programmers who had not been exposed to the brand before. For the first time, the company shortlisted 15 high-quality applicants quickly and rolled out two offers without any dependencies on external agencies.

HackerEarth Recruit gave FCI the the opportunity to own the shortlisting process by creating its own challenge. This opened a new set of possibilities for filtering candidates based on actual programming skills and not just on the basis of a resume or a Github profile. Rather than outsourcing the hiring process, for the first time, the IT department at FCI was directly involved in the recruiting process.

Support from HackerEarth

This is the first time an NGO in Latin America used HackerEarth Recruit. The organization was very pleased with the support it received during the hiring process with respect to questions or concerns regarding the usage of the product.

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