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Case Study

How Decimal Point Analytics managed to bring down their candidates shortlisted to hired ratio to 4:1

About Decimal Point Analytics

Decimal Point Analytics Private Limited is a leading management consultant in financial solutions & a full-service consulting company that delivers tailored management consulting solutions to clients worldwide.

Since its establishment in 2003, Decimal Point Analytics has consistently empowered their clients to navigate the complex financial world with ease. The brand seamlessly integrates machine learning algorithms with a highly skilled professional team, enabling them to create client-specific products, real-time services, and innovative solutions. Data Management, Research Services, Analytics & Business Intelligence, AI-ML & Automation, Fund Management & PE Support, ESG Solutions, Research Services, CRM Support, and Investor Relation are some of the brand’s key services.

With a global footprint spanning 5 offices and a portfolio of more than 700 completed projects, Decimal Point Analytics has earned a renowned name in the financial research solutions space. With a dedicated team of over 800 seasoned professionals DPA has created invaluable solutions based on Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Automation.

In recognition of its excellence, the brand was honored with the Intel Oracle Global Leaders Award for ISV of the Year in the APAC region for 2023, and the ‘Indian SME of the Year Award’ at the Indo French Business Awards 2021, organized by IFCCI.

Requirements and challenges faced pre-HackerEarth

At Decimal Point Analytics (DPA), the hiring process was predominantly manual before HackerEarth. This manual approach consumed significant recruiter time and effort, adding to the overall hiring costs. The recruitment team at DPA recognized the need to automate the process, effectively enhancing the overall recruitment efficiency.

Previously, technical hiring assessments for various skills such as Python, C++, SQL, and API were conducted through disparate channels. The team needed a product that would centralize all the tests into a single platform. The goal was to standardize the technical assessments, saving effort and evaluation time.

Additionally, the team aimed to streamline the screening process, evaluating the candidate’s skills required for the role in minimal time. The team believed that automation would not only improve the panel and recruiter efforts, but also elevate the overall candidate experience. Thereby benefiting all the stakeholders involved.

How did HackerEarth fit into the recruitment process at DPA

While hiring for a role at DPA, the recruitment team placed a strong emphasis on evaluating candidates based on their skills and cultural fit within the organization. These two attributes took precedence in their assessment criteria. To effectively gauge candidates’ skill sets and identify gaps between their existing skills and those required for the role, the team decided to leverage HackerEarth’s technical skills assessment or take-home assessment tools.

Additionally, having assessments that mirrored real-world questions allowed them to assess candidates’ job readiness and fitment for the role. HackerEarth played a pivotal role in streamlining this screening process with its standardized assessments, which could be readily employed by the hiring teams. Having a unique library with leaked question filtering ensured that candidate assessments were conducted fairly and reliably.

For key roles that needed to be filled, HackerEarth provided pre-built assessments, a time-saving feature that allowed recruiters to redirect their focus towards assessing candidates’ culture fit and nurturing candidate relationships. Hence, manual time consuming tasks were largely automated, fostering a more holistic and efficient hiring process.

How HackerEarth helped

With the streamlined process, HackerEarth helped in saving effort and significantly reducing the recruitment cycle for campus hires to just 2-3 days. At Decimal Point Analytics (DPA), the recruitment team leveraged both AI-generated automated assessments and HackerEarth’s extensive library of questions to create their own customized assessments. This allowed them to create assessments in less than an hour, saving a lot of time spent earlier to manually create questions and tests. With HackerEarth, the hiring process became a breeze, enabling the team to effortlessly fill over 45 open positions.

Following each assessment, HackerEarth generates candidate reports that give insights into candidate skill proficiency, code quality, and also benchmark their performance against all test takers. The platform also automatically generates a leaderboard based on the scores, facilitating the DPA recruitment team to shortlist candidates with ease. This data-driven approach promotes a skill-based fair and equitable hiring process.

Additionally, the HackerEarth coding interface mirrors real-world processes and encourages candidates to take the assessment on a familiar, user-friendly Integrated Development Environment (IDE). This ensures a smooth candidate experience, which is essential for attracting top talent.

Outcome and Next Steps

DPA achieved rapid scaling of their technical hiring efforts across campuses with the new automated flow. In the past year alone, they successfully covered more than 65 campuses, addressing both technical and functional hiring needs. Thanks to HackerEarth Assessments, candidate screening became swift and effortless, with each campus requiring just 2-3 days to complete the entire hiring process.

With a candidates assessed to shortlisted ratio of 5:2, and candidates shortlisted to hired ratio of 4:1, the recruitment process was efficient as ever, ensuring that only the top candidates were selected to fill each open position. Decimal Point Analytics plans to cover more campuses in the coming months, to fill for other newly vacant positions.

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