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Case Study

Apisero identifies top-tier tech talent 60% faster with HackerEarth Assessments

About Apisero

Headquartered in Chandler, Arizona, Apisero is a global consulting company focused on providing a full suite of integration services using software platform MuleSoft.

Like every other tech company, robust engineering teams are crucial to the success of their mission. Hence, the company is always looking to grow its technical teams, hiring a combination of experienced professionals and university graduates for several of its internal developer roles. 


  • Technical screening rounds are completed 3X faster with HackerEarth Assessments
  • Top candidates are quickly identified and moved to the interview stage within minutes
  • Engineering dependency for tech screening is reduced by 70% 
  • Overall time-to-shortlist is reduced by 60%

But there was a challenge

With the sheer volume of applications coming in for these roles, Apisero’s recruiting team had their work cut out for them. But manual candidate evaluations in the screening round was a major bottleneck that didn’t just slow the process down, but also made it nearly impossible for the team to identify the best candidates quickly.

The hunt for the right solution

Apisero wanted to tighten its shortlisting process by adding a layer of technical assessments to the existing screening process. They needed a platform that automatically filters out unqualified candidates at the screening stage, leaving only the most skilled to be considered for the role. The platform needed to be intuitive, scalable, and incredibly simple.

HackerEarth’s Assessments offered all the right benefits that Apisero’s was looking for. It came with an extensive library of questions that cover 80+ skills and 12+ job roles, making it easy to create coding tests quickly and objectively. The platform also generates a leaderboard for every assessment, ranking candidates automatically based on their test scores. This made it easy for Apisero to spot the best candidates at a glance and move them to the interview stage quickly.  

How HackerEarth helped

Bulk Invites

The recruiting team didn’t have to go through the ordeal of manually inviting candidates to a coding test. With HackerEarth, they could bulk invite hundreds of candidates with just a few clicks, saving them time and improving the overall efficiency of the candidate invite process.

Simple Test Creation

Creating a test was easy. Thanks to HackerEarth’s extensive library of over 13K programming questions, hiring managers could create coding assessments in as little as 5 minutes, saving significant engineering bandwidth on preparing tech questions from scratch.

Data-rich Insights

Apisero also loved that HackerEarth came with powerful candidate analytics, helping them narrow the field of candidates to only the best. With just a single glance, recruiters could quickly move qualified candidates from screening to interview rounds in record time.

Seamless ATS Integration

What also stood out for them was how HackerEarth could so easily integrate with their existing ATS. This helped the team source candidates, schedule and run coding assessments all from a single platform. This reduced the constant back-and-forth and also improved the team’s efficiency.

We’ve been able to consistently hire top technology and engineering talent 3X faster with HackerEarth. We love that it comes with data-rich candidate insights that help us identify the top-of-the-funnel candidates quickly and efficiently, giving our engineers and recruiters their time back to focus on other projects. Overall, the amount of time that HackerEarth saves us when it comes to conducting effective technical screening rounds, coupled with the ability to narrow the field to top candidates quickly, is what makes it a no-brainer investment for Apisero. 

Adrija Roy,
Manager of Talent Acquisition 



Apisero leveraged HackerEarth’s automated skill assessments to evaluate the best candidates and prioritize them quickly. As a result:

  • Time-to-shortlist was significantly shortened, recruiters were able to shortlist candidates 3X faster
  • Overall time-to-decision was reduced by 60%, owing to incredibly rich candidate insights accessible through a single click
  • Engineering dependency was reduced by 70%. Engineers were no longer required to manually create test questions or screen unqualified candidates.  
  • Recruiters also saved 60% of their time, since scheduling assessments and generating candidate reports could now be done in a few minutes

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