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HackerEarth and iMocha are both well-known coding assessment platforms, but cater to different needs. HackerEarth excels over iMocha in:

Wider variety of coding questions for diverse roles and skill levels

Granular control over time limits, scoring, and themes for tailored assessments

In-depth candidate code analysis and performance comparisons for data-driven hiring

Flexible and customizable pricing options, which is an added plus for enterprises with variable needs

Comparison highlights

Features HackerEarth iMocha
Standardised test creation based on job roles Supports  Yes No Support  No
Restriction on inviting candidates No 100 at a time, 1000 over bulk upload
True/False question types Supports  Yes No Support  No
Full Stack and Machine Learning questions Supports  Yes No Support  No
Selenium and DevOps questions Supports  Yes No Support  No
Leaked Question Indicator Supports  Yes No Support  No
Coding languages Supports  Yes No Support  No
Benchmarks on the reports Supports  Yes No Support  No
Proctored interviews Supports  Yes No Support  No
Automated generated summary for interviews Supports  Yes No Support  No
Auto-evaluation of subjective questions Supports  Yes No Support  No
Jupyter Notebook for Data Science Questions Supports  Yes No Support  No
Proctored interviews Supports  Yes No Support  No
Tests for AI engineers Supports  Yes No Support  No

In-depth comparison

Feature HackerEarth iMocha
Proctored Assessments and Interviews Offers options for proctored assessments and interviews, ensuring the integrity of the evaluation process Supports features like live coding interviews and virtual proctoring to monitor candidates in real-time. Provides proctoring for remote and online assessments, but may not be as robust
Customization Provides extensive customization capabilities for creating challenges, assessments, and interview experiences. Users can tailor the environment, settings, and assessment parameters according to specific need Offers customization options to create tailored assessments with specific question types, difficulty levels, and time limits
Scalability Designed to handle large-scale assessments and hiring processes, suitable for enterprises and organizations conducting frequent recruitment activities. Supports scalability with features for managing multiple assessments and candidates simultaneously Also scalable, catering to both small-scale and large-scale recruitment needs with tools for managing diverse assessment volumes
Auto evaluation Includes robust auto-evaluation capabilities for programming tasks and challenges. Provides immediate feedback on code correctness, performance, and quality based on predefined criteria Offers automated scoring and feedback mechanisms to streamline the assessment process
Interview Features Offers features for conducting live coding interviews, virtual whiteboard collaboration, and real-time communication tools. Facilitates interactive technical assessments with features designed to simulate real-world coding scenarios Provides tools for conducting virtual interviews and assessments, including video/audio communication and collaboration features.

Comparative Analysis

HackerEarth exceeds iMocha with its comprehensive platform for technical assessments, coding challenges, and interviews. Advanced features like code execution, AI-driven monitoring, and full-screen restriction, along with cheating prevention and detailed performance reports, provide a superior solution compared to iMocha

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Feature HackerEarth Startups Package iMocha Startups Package
20 assessments, 1 recruiter seat, customized pricing for larger enterprises $209 per month -
Basic proctoring and interviews - Pricing not stated outright
Feature HackerEarth Enterprises Package iMocha Enterprises Package
Advanced analytics, third-party ATS integration, branding options Customized pricing -
Advanced features like smart proctoring - Pricing not stated outright

Comparative Analysis

HackerEarth's pricing is more flexible and customisable, catering to organisations of all sizes with tailored plans and additional features at competitive price points. In contrast, iMocha's pricing structure may be less versatile, with fixed packages and additional charges for exceeding limits.

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Feature HackerEarth iMocha
ATS, HR Software Integrates with leading ATS systems, HR software, and video conferencing tools Integrates with existing HR systems (HCM) for better talent management
Tool Integration Integrates with Jupyter Notebook. Offers over 15 OOB integrations, backed by open-ended API support Supports integration with collaboration tools like Slack and Microsoft Teams for real-time communication. Offers API support

Comparative Analysis

HackerEarth excels over iMocha with seamless integrations, including top-tier ATS systems, HR software, and video conferencing tools, enhancing user experience and workflow efficiency. Its partnerships with industry leaders and 15+ Out-of-the-Box integrations offer greater flexibility and connectivity.

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Feature HackerEarth iMocha
24/7 Support Accessible through email, chat, and phone channels Offers only email support in its basic package. Email and chat support available with the Enterprise package
Customer Satisfaction Boasts a 95% Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) rating -

Comparative Analysis

HackerEarth offers 24/7 multilingual support with a 95% CSAT rating, handles over 50,000 assessments simultaneously, and provides dedicated Customer Success and Account Managers. In contrast, iMocha's basic package offers limited email support, requiring an upgrade for chat support.

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Feature HackerEarth iMocha
Certifications Adheres to ISO27001, ISO27017, GDPR, and EEOC, prioritizing user data security Compliant with GDPR and EEOC
Security Practices Implements robust practices in business continuity, incident management, risk management, and cryptographic controls Cloud-based SaaS application hosted on Microsoft Azure, adhering to strict privacy standards

Comparative Analysis

HackerEarth excels in user data security, complying with stringent data protection laws and holding certifications like ISO27001, ISO27017, GDPR, and EEOC. Its robust practices ensure comprehensive protection, surpassing iMocha's measures.

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7 reasons why HackerEarth is better than iMocha

More Than 15 Out-of-the-Box (OOB) Integrations:
15+ Out-of-the-Box (OOB) integrations with leading ATS systems are offered by HackerEarth, complemented by an open-ended API for seamless connectivity.

Advanced Question Types:
Various question types cater to specialised roles like DevOps, Machine Learning, and more, distinguishing HackerEarth from iMocha’s focus on MCQs and technical questions.

Safety Protocols:
Transparent security measures and compliance efforts by HackerEarth ensure a secure environment for assessments and recruitment, setting it apart from iMocha.

Ease of Evaluation:
HackerEarth automates subjective question evaluation and offers global benchmarking, streamlining the assessment process, a feature not heavily polished in iMocha.

Detailed Assessment and Analysis:
In-depth candidate performance analytics provided by HackerEarth aid data-driven decision-making for recruiters.

Scouting Talent via Hackathons:
HackerEarth’s ability to host hackathons and coding challenges serves as a powerful talent acquisition tool, showcasing organisational innovation.

Over 40 Programming Languages:
Supporting over 40 programming languages, HackerEarth enables candidates to code in a real-time editor, whereas iMocha offers around 20 programming languages.