Meet the winners of IndiaHacks 2017

The IT landscape as we know it is getting redefined every day. Change is constant. The need of the hour for tech companies, big and small, is to innovate...

The IT landscape as we know it is getting redefined every day. Change is constant. The need of the hour for tech companies, big and small, is to innovate fast and keep up with the change. Innovation was the main focus of IndiaHacks 2017, HackerEarth’s country-wide hackathon, aimed at building software products to transform the world.

Thousands of submissions were received from developers across the country. The hackathon had  three tracks – Internet of Things, Fintech, and AI. Based on the first offline session conducted in three regional zones – Delhi, Pune, and Bangalore, 10 finalists were chosen for each track. Thirty finalists participated in the offline hackathon conducted on the 8th and 9th of September in Bangalore.


Meet the winners of IndiaHacks 2017
Meet the winners of IndiaHacks 2017


In the final round, teams built some incredible apps and prototypes. We are happy to present the winning hacks of IndiaHacks 2017:

Winners in Internet of Things (IOT)

1) License Integrated Safety Device

The License Integrated Safety Device is a UUID-based vehicle tracking system that addresses the growing need for delivering effective safety, traffic control, and pollution control. The technology can act as a first responder management service in smart cities.


  • The system comes with hardware that mimics access control system for automobiles. This prevents any unauthorized access.
  • The device tracks the user’s coordinates when on the move. This information can be aggregated to a cloud- based system, allowing companies to gain insights and provide value-added services for smart city management.
  • The data can also be consolidated into a city surveillance system to manage traffic by prioritizing user’s needs and routing optimally.

1ST Prize winners:

Team Name: Team_Anonymous

Submission Theme: Smart Driving Experience

Team Members: Sohail Chamadia, Kunal sharma


2) Real-time assistant for badminton players

The real-time assistant is a wearable device that enables players to know their fitness level and match readiness by analyzing their “smash” profiles. This profile has fitness details such as calorie intake, fluid intake, workout before sessions, and performance level of players. The device comes with an Arduino Nano, GY521 accelerometer, a sound sensor, and a Bluetooth HC-05. The device can help badminton players in the following ways:

  • It calculates the player’s fitness level including the power generated by hand, the jump intensity, and the smash speed.
  • It helps players to know their physical strength before a match.
  • It provides insights players can use to adjust their fitness routine and improve their performance.

2nd Prize winners

Team Name: Smashlytics

Submission Theme: Smart Wearables

Team Members: Dey Subhankar


3) GPS and IoT-based soldier tracking and health indication system

The low-cost, wearable device based on IoT is equipped with biosensors. The device offers a reliable system to guard the lives of soldiers. The system can help locate and monitor the health of soldiers in combat.  The main applications of the software are as follows:

  • With IoT, armed forces can know the location of their soldiers directly on a smart phone.
  • The technology can help monitor the health and ammunition of the soldiers in combat.
  • GSM module can be used for effective high-speed transmission, short-range, and soldier-to-soldier wireless communications.

3rd Prize winners

Team Name: Tech_Monsters

Submission Theme: Smart Wearables

Team Members: Jasvinder Singh Chhabra, Ritesh Agarwal


Winners in Fintech 

1) TechnoFin – A simple solution to financial problems

With time-series modelling, and predictive analysis, TechnoFin serves as a full-fledged financial recommendation engine. It addresses all the problems related to investing in stock market, real-estate, gold, and banking.  The model can be used to predict the following:

  • Stock prices with high accuracy and help in the comparison of stocks.
  • Real-estate prices, and gold prices.

1ST Prize winners:

Team Name: FIN_ishers

Submission Theme: Financial Advisory

Team Members: Avinash G Kori, Akhil Poojary


2) MoneyMultiplier

Money Multiplier, an app integrated with Watson Conversation, aims to educate the financially illiterate. The app helps in the analysis of monthly account statement, and the monthly limit for savings. It also helps in understanding the Net Asset Value (NAV) of mutual funds.

Details of 2nd Prize winners

Team Name: ENSPIRE

Submission Theme: Financial Inclusion

Team Members: Suhit Kalubarme, Harish Shridhar Khot


3) Security for financial transactions

The ML-based security software aims to make transactions safer by identifying and tracking user behavior. Using Apache Lucene-based Elastic search or Solr engine, the software stores transactional data and identifies user pattern.

Details of 3rd Prize winners

Team Name: Secure_You

Submission Theme: Security

Team Members: Yadu Mathur, Sandhya SG


Winners in Artificial Intelligence (AI )

1) Smart Courses

The smart online learning software uses smart image recognition recommendation system to evaluate facial expressions of students and then operates accordingly. The system can also be equipped with a smart assistant or chatbot to answer user queries.

1ST Prize winners:

Team Name: Zodiac

Submission Theme: Recommendation system

Team Members: Rishabh Malik, Aniket Sharma

2) Genre-switching music recommendation system

The recommendation software specializes in giving a good mix of genres based on the correlation established between the tapped genres using reinforcement learning.

2nd Prize winners

Team Name: Mad_Men

Submission Theme: Recommendation system

Team Members: Abhinav Anurag, Nitikesh Bhad

3) Bot104

BOT 104 tracks the number of beds available in nearby hospitals and helps users to book hospital beds easily.  The software also has a feature to generate auto bills using QR codes.

3rd Prize winners

Team Name: Krypton

Submission Theme: Chatbots

Team Members: Jayesh Bidani, simran kaur


Winners of Online Challenge:

The programming and machine learning challenges were conducted online. Participants had to solve challenges online within a limited time frame. We are happy to present the winners of the online challenges of IndiaHacks 2017:

Winners of Machine Learning Challenge:

1st Prize winner: Bishwarup Bhattacharjee

2nd Prize winner: Siddharth Chandrakant

3rd Prize winner: Phani Srikanth


Winners of Programming Challenge:

1st Prize winner: Gennady Korotkevich

2nd Prize winner: Shik Chen

3rd Prize winner: Yuhao Du

A hackathon is a great platform for developers to network, showcase their talent, and learn new skills. It is one of the best ways to build your portfolio, grow your professional network, and become a better programmer.

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